Game on the cheep Papercraft Terrain !

These weeks were hitting paper craft Terrain. Most of them cheep, Some not so much. And when used well can pair well with DF or other High end Terrain. Rest assured that the latter is not cheep. There are plenty of types of paper Terrain out there for the gamer on the cheep. You can find Site after site of the stuff if you spend the time. And quite a few of these sites at least offer you free samples to download and print on the spot. The goal here today is to show that its cheap and easy to do a lot more at your table then use a battle mat. 
RPG’s are mental game. We envision all of the action with our minds eye with the help of the players at the table and the descriptions of or GM’s. Battle Mat’s help us visualize where the action is taking place in our games. But When you can take that battlefield and lift it up off the table and it begins to take shape in 3D. It takes things to a new level. If you have never used 3D terrain at your game table. After reading this PLEASE! Hit one of the links following and just print a few walls out and try it at your table to see your groups reaction.

The Best part about Paper Terrain products is cost. With the overhead being printer ink and the initial PDF products you purchase. The only other cost descision you will have to make is how sturdy of paper do you want to print them on. Cheep paper will save you money. But Thick heavy well stored card  stock can last you years. I have pieces in my collection that are close to a dozen years old. The best part about printable papercraft terrain is once you own it. You can print out as much as you need. And at a tremendously cheaper cost when compared to products like Dwarven Forge.
If you are in the process of starting a growing collection of Dwarven Forge Papercraft Terrain can complement it well as your collection grows to fit your needs. I myself have done this and continue to do this often. to very good effect. Below I  used a combination of Dwarven Forge, D&D Tiles and TerraClips High end paper products To make this layout.
302633_208835879175709_4845691_n  317618_208835895842374_6038060_n


This said you can stick with just papercraft and get some wonderful results as well with products like Fat Dragon Games or World works seen below. Fat Dragon being far Cheaper than World work TerraClips products. Note that Fat Dragon is Print it yourself and TerraClips comes printed on heavy card stock.
DSCN1890   cwu11

So where can you get your hands on some of this stuff you ask. Well welcome to the internet there are so many places you can get these wonderful toys!  First off for the gamer on the cheep I would hit the following links.  And this is just a few to get you started !

For your modern games here are a couple of links to get you started here.

Fat Goblin Games has a nice starter selection to get you started with both fantasy and Sci-Fi Terrain here:

And over here at the Grinning Skull blog you will find a veritable cornucopia of paper craft for free that will keep you busy far longer then you will need to be.

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