Sometimes it’s the little things.

To a few of you it might sound strange to say this. But for me, I want to know that the people behind a product that I enjoy, enjoy it as well. It gives me confidence that the writers and creators are not just there to hit deadlines and collect a pay […]

Gaming on the cheep Week 3 Terrain

  So In this weeks search for cheep game stuff I went in search of Terrain. Again like last week I hit the stores knowing that I was on the edge of that sweet spot for finding lucky deals. The close you get the actual day of Halloween.. the less […]

A Deeper look at the Dice.

Advantage, Disadvantage, And beyond: the true odds of extra D20’s by Kerne Fahey. This is a quick little blog that I had to share today. With my 5E game looking to start this Friday I felt it was perfect to post it up here. There has been some confusion on […]

Fabled Environments Modern Floorplans Mini Review

Fabled Environments is back again with another cool little map. This time not only are we getting a map of a “Modern Game Store”. But we’re getting The actual Layout of An Existing Modern Game Store!  Myself, not only do I think that this was Pretty cool but its only made better […]


It’s interesting to note that when you do a little looking you come to learn a few cool and creepy facts about Jack o lanterns. First off.. they were the original considered to be the will-o’-the-wisp. So even though they came to represent the chasing off of evil spirits.. They […]

Gaming on the Cheep Week Two !

This weeks Gaming on the cheep is about cheep cool store finds ! With Halloween just around the corner and Christmas filling up the stores there are tons of cool items on sale for use at your gaming table if your willing to look around !  Most of these can […]