GM’s Day Sale!

Yup it’s that time of the year again, Wow time flies. Last  year I posted my Top 10 selections that I had my eye on that were featured in the GM’s Day Sale. This year I will only be doing my Top 5.

RPG’s Top 5 GM’s Day grabs 

128012Hands down my number one on my list. I have been looking at this for a while now. I just need to find the time to run a game in this world. I also have heard so many good things about this game. So now looks like the time that I might have to grab this book while the sale lasts.

112998I missed out on this kickstarter and I got a chance to see it at Storm-Con last year. It’s got some great looking mechanics and I simply must get my hands on the Runes they made for this game. They really add a lot to the look of this game. It has a great feel and I am very sure that If  I get my group to play it that it will be a smash hit with our group.

914y5GhPeELAn old game but a great one. This one makes my list because more and more I find myself or my friends wanting to play urban fantasy. Shadowrun is the king of urban fantasy games. The surprise here is out of a system this old. It is one game system that I have never run. But I have played plenty and it’s always a good time.


131485Aspects of Fantasy. makes my number four-spot. With 5E D&D back and stronger than ever. I think it is entirely possible that you might find some things that you could use in this book. Adapting some more FATE aspects into your home game.  There is enough similarity from the old editions and 5E that most of the suggestions in this book would easily convert over.

58488The Cortex system is 5th on my list. With so many great Game settings from TV adapted into this setting. To name a few Supernatural, Buffy, Firefly all run off this system.
Now that it’s on sale and already at a low price. It might be time to give this system a deeper look.

If any of the above books interest you can speed straight over to DTRPG just by clicking the book image. If none of these strike  your fancy be sure to go take a look at the rest of the awesome books they have on sale ! Right now you have a little more than 5 days left !

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