Mythical Monday’s: Rahu-Men

The Rahu-Men is a four armed giant race from the palladium Fantasy setting and the Rifts game system. Rahu-Men are feared twelve to fifteen foot tall giants that live in the highest reaches of mountain ranges. These ancient giants were some of the most powerful warriors and wizards the world had even seen. Respected by the Titans themselves these powerful creatures drew the attention of the old kingdoms. And were hunted down in many brutal bitter wars. Now only a few are left.
Yet legend of their ritual cannibalism of fallen foes is one of the main factors that continues to leave their race hunted by others. These days generally Rahu-Men are peaceful and live their lives in contemplation and the study of philosophy and other noble pursuits. Think fifteen foot talk monks. but their old legends persists and many still seek them out. rahu_man_2
Rahu-Men are equally skill at the art of war or the schools of magic. Many have Psionics. And in High tech settings like the world of Rifts. Many also have cybernetics and Hi Tech weapons. This puts any group preparing to face Rahu-Men at a huge disadvantage.
Living nearly 1000 years many Rahu-Men have learned more than one class of skills further complicating preparing to face them as well.

In settings other than Palladium I could see the Rahu-Men being a terrifying offshoot of Frost Giant Barbarians utilizing multi-attack with their four arms in a flurry of destruction.  Or In a Sci Fi setting maybe a Rahu-Men with two heavy weapons laying down a wall of fire. Even making a play on Star Wars and have a Rahu-Man with four lightsabers.  Over all they just strike me as a fun creature all around.

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