Bad GM/DM Practices?

A few good tips here of what not to do or slip into the habit of doing.



Okay all, I have had some things happen in the last three weeks that have put me into “I am a terrible GM” territory (at least from my perspective). I am going through a medical nightmare and it has taken its toll on me. With that being said, I have had to cancel twice in the last three weeks. Both times were done at the 11th hour, and I felt really bad about it. It made me think, what kind of things can you do to be a “bad GM/DM” on accident? Here are five things that are common and you shouldn’t feel terrible about, but you will:

1. Canceling games without advance notice: This is a common issue, especially when something suddenly happens. This can be a sickness, family emergency or even just an event that you had forgotten about. The way to combat this is to try to…

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