I’M Back !

Moving takes a ton more of your spare time then I seem to have thought it would! So to bring everyone up to speed. On the 7th of Feb my feed went dark as we prepped to throw everything into boxes. and then the boxes into a truck and move them to our new location. The house we just bought was the destination but getting there turned out to be a more complicated route then expected.
The plan was to have movers pick all of our packed things up and drop them off at the location and we would casually spend the weekend unpacking.
(Side note: friends are amazing and I could not have done it without you, Movers would be the way to have gone so we could have all relaxed and had an unpacking party not a moving party) 
So due to complications we were not able to hire movers as you know. But many of my friends came together and helped make the move happen in record time. (for middle-aged gamer’s.)
Needless to say nothing ever goes right when you move apparently. As We arrived the cable was not hooked up as we were told it was supposed to be. And that took nearly a week and an internet service provider swap to fix.
Long story short it has been a bumpy road but I have managed to sit back down and finally pay attention to my blog again. In the coming days you will see me begin to ramp back up to my regular pace of posts again.
Lastly I would like to thank everyone over the last two weeks that have continued to come to my page and have a look around. It was surprising to see I still had a decent number of visitors over the two weeks while I was out of action.

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