#RPGaDay2016 Day 2 Best Game Session since August 2015

This year I will be subbing in a few questions on #RPGaDay2016. Today will be one of those days. Today I will be changing the question from. Best game session since August 2015. Game I have most enjoyed since August 2015 I think this question will best be answered by looking back at another blog … Continue reading #RPGaDay2016 Day 2 Best Game Session since August 2015

Weekend Round up March 4-6 2016

This weekend round up is falling in as a Midweek roundup Lets get right to it or it will be a two week round up before I know it! March 4th Our Edge of the Empire game did not hit warp speed last week. As it actually had a hyperdrive malfunction and ground to a … Continue reading Weekend Round up March 4-6 2016

Cypher System Shadowrun the Matrix.

So as we move on to the third installment of Cypher Shadowrun we move to running the Matrix. Essentially running the matrix is no different from any other skill based series of Tasks in the Cypher System.  The world moves faster and instead placing added rules to represent this we just handle this aspect of … Continue reading Cypher System Shadowrun the Matrix.