#RPGaDay2016 Day 2 Best Game Session since August 2015


This year I will be subbing in a few questions on #RPGaDay2016. Today will be one of those days.

Today I will be changing the question from. Best game session since August 2015.

Game I have most enjoyed since August 2015

I think this question will best be answered by looking back at another blog I did in the last year. So after some thought that the game I most enjoyed since August was my Cypher System hack of Shadowrun. It was sadly only a short-lived three session game that I very much would love to come back and re-visit. I wrote a few blogs on the subject and it was a mini labor of love. I have more notes and I had intended to put a few more blogs on the topic.

You can find the links to my Cypher Shadowrun blogs below, Enjoy.

Cypher Shadowrun Races.

Cypher Shadowrun Matrix.

Cyberwear In the Cypher System



Weekend Round up March 4-6 2016

This weekend round up is falling in as a Midweek roundup Lets get right to it or it will be a two week round up before I know it!

March 4th
edge of the empire gold2

Our Edge of the Empire game did not hit warp speed last week. As it actually had a hyperdrive malfunction and ground to a stop while sick gamers recovered. Good news still happened as we had a new player join the table! So we took that time to bring him up to speed and get his character rolled up for this coming weeks game.

Further good news on that front, this week’s game will start with no hitch that usually comes with a player introduction. As our new player will be joining the party as the newly completed E-OR Droid. E-OR was a partially disassembled protocol Droid the party had purchased many game sessions ago from a shipyard scrap dealer. E-OR was lacking legs and

E-OR was a partially disassembled protocol Droid the party had purchased many game sessions ago from a shipyard scrap dealer. E-OR was treated abusively  by his former owner and at the sign of the party’s good will and concern for him. He “requisitioned” himself as part of the ships cargo to get away from his former owner. In the last session, the players had purchased the last of the parts to return E-OR to a fully functioning state once more. Now complete his “backup” memory core will come online and he will join the group as our newest player.

May 5th

Moving into our third session of Cypher Shadowrun things got a bit interesting. Fresh off a decent pay day the players were offered up a new job. The Johnson was met and shortly after the players had a new job with a nice pay day coming up. With only one week to prepare, the party  got straight to work. The job, destroy the business front of Renton Humanis groups “Habitat of Humanis” swaying the people of Seattle to their cause with housing restoration projects and food drives as well as meta-human Crime Watch programs.

The party managed to get a look inside the building as well as hack into their network. With as much intel as they could gather, they made their move. The mission went smoothly at first and only in the last bit of the run as so often does. Things took a slide to the left. A shoot out and ensued and the players slipped into the night front of the Humanis building went up in an explosion.

The players received their pay and a few hour later found that footage of their act was filmed. Their identities were not compromised. Due to tampered with footage makeing it appear that the culprits were Meta-Humans.


May 6th

Our 5e Birthright game ran short this week as our DM was running a wicked case of insomnia. We did have a few encounters in our exploration of the lands that our players have been given charge of. Only to meet what might be an anchent undead being maybe even a lich. Yikes .. He is most asureadly going to be something we are going to have to come back and revisit later when we are more powerful.

We luckily escaped the encounter, or maybe not. Many of the party think that the creature that we think might be a lich is bound to his workshop. Or is at least for the time being. As It did not pursue us when we decided it was time to go.

Weekend Roundup


edge of the empire gold2

Took a rare and enjoyable Friday off this week from our Edge of the Empire Star Wars game. Having the night off I decided to give myself a bit of a mental reboot. I did not sit in front of the PC and play games or blog or read any RPG book. I just relaxed let my mind clear to help defrag my brain so to speak. In the end, it was an overall good thing. I feel a bit more refreshed coming into this next week and look forward to next week’s Star Wars game.

Saturday was the second game of Cypher System Shadowrun. I have been pretty excited to get this one going. The Matrix and Decking feel solid, I am pretty happy with the races and the cyber technology. The players got the chance to run their first mission as a team and for many of my players, it was the first real chance to take a bite out of this system.

It was one of those game sessions where everything clicked. The game that you wish you could bottle and just say this is why I love my group they were on point and the creativity and the Role-play was very high from start to finish. The whole game was just a pleasure to run. Right down to the sibling rivalry over who was going to drive the vehicle the group was stealing for the mission while two of the other players were wrapping up the driver tucking him in an ally. The rest of their job went off without a hitch and the they had a good payout.

That job was done they did a personal side job to make a big more cash from the reward they were given and took a day trip. One thing led to another and after a stopover and some interesting role-play the party shaman convinced them to go on a Vision Quest. This was a totally out of right field moment for me but we had so much great RP this game session I just did not want to hand wave it.

Out came the Roy’s Story cubes and a few rolls later we had vision quest for the players. It turned into a great use of the Story Cubes in-game that helped keep the game moving when the game had taken a turn that I completely did not see coming. Because honestly, I was stumped when they said they were going to do it.

Here we are on Sunday in about an hour we will be sitting down to play 5E D&D Birthright. This game as well is moving into its second session. So I think the story will be picking up for “Us the players” soon.

As predicted the game picked up nicely. Our group has been put in charge of setting up a new settlement and construction of the village began. It just occurred to me now that we have yet to name this fine town that is likely to be our home for some time to come. That or in my Paladins drinking and carousing with his lover.. I may have missed it’s being named. I am playing a Great Sword master following a god of War. I have decided that he treats each day as if it could be his last in the service of his god. So he is  crass, rude and a lover of all carnal experiences  A huge change form my normal style characters and I am enjoying him. I took the Knight path and I have three servants.. well two and a concubine. Over all great fun playing in this game thus far. My fellow player a Cleric to the same god often looks to me like my head has rolled off my shoulders. Mission accomplished.

Cypher System Shadowrun the Matrix.

So as we move on to the third installment of Cypher Shadowrun we move to running the Matrix. Essentially running the matrix is no different from any other skill based series of Tasks in the Cypher System.  The world moves faster and instead placing added rules to represent this we just handle this aspect of the game in RP. There are really only a few things that we need to consider when you are jacked in.

The “Matrix”

You have to understand the Matrix the way it is represented in Shadowrun to know how fully use it in your game. Here is a quick run down on what the Matrix is and how it works and is seen by your players.

The Matrix is the term the worldwide computer network it is as a completely Virtual Reality, icon and graphics based network, because this was the only way the sheer amount of data traffic could be handled. The entire Matrix is composed of various Host Systems. People interact with this Matrix by using terminals or cyberdecks.

Think of it this way. The Matrix is the term for all web-based content. Just like we use the internet today but on a much more massive and virtual scale. Inside the Matrix you have Nodes. These Nodes are the files and servers of corporations as well as environments that the player sees and interacts with.

You can travel from one travel from one Node to another via Portals. Portals are how all things are connected in the Matrix. Most Portals are wireless access, some need high-end fiber optic connection and occasionally the only way to a Portal is via satellite up-link.

Corporations and anyone wishing to keep up security in their Nodes implement IC for the protection of their data. There are many forms of IC out there ranging from low-level White IC to Deadly Black IC.


 While in the Matrix the player only has one ability pool in play with. The exception is when a player encounters Black ICE. All tasks are resolved with the player INT pool. Effort spent on tasks comes from the players INT pool as well as any damage the player receives is deducted from their INT pool. IC & Black ICE are programs that were created to give security in the Matrix as well as deter and in some cases like Black ICE even kill those foolish enough to attempt to bypass them. If a players INT pool is reduced to 0 he drops one down on the damage track and is stunned from the “Dump”

Cyberdecks do a few things for a Decker in the Cypher system. Decks are able to slot cypher “Programs” that the player may use while in the Matrix. essentially a cyberdeck is the equivalent of a cypher bag from Numenera with a few exceptions. Once a cypher is slotted into a cyberdeck it is considered downloaded into the Deck and can not be removed. If a Decker wishes to overwrite an active program all he need do is plug-in a new cypher program. The player may choose what program is overwritten if a new one is slotted into the deck.

Cyberdecks take 1 Cypherslot.

Once a “Cypher Program” is slotted into the Deck It is considered expended. It may not be removed from the deck. Cypher Decks have a separate Cypher Program limit that may take players beyond their normal maximum. (much like cypher chest artifacts)

To upload a new software cypher program to the deck, the player must log out of the Net and upload the program before they may return to the Net.

So Chummer you want to work the Matrix, well you better get a Deck.




Cyberdecks are the tools of the trade for matrix savvy Shadowruners. They give runners remote access to high-end computer processing power. Allowing on location hacking to overcome security systems as well as defeat IC and gather data stored out of Meatspace and in the Matrix.

All decks are treated as Assets in any Matrix based task. 

Sony Cty-360
The first deck made for shadowrunners. Simple, street ready and nearly indestructible.
Protection: 0 the Sony offers no defensive protection to the Runner
Programs: (cyphers): 1 Cypher may be uploaded into this deck at a time
Damage:  2
Other Perks: None
Cost: inexpensive

Renraku Krafwerk-1
Renraku’s best deck and easily modified for the streets.
Protection: 1 armor vs Attacks
(Cyphers) 2 cyphers may be uploaded into this deck at a time.
Damage: 2
Other Perks: Has up to 1 Perk

Fuchi VirtualX
Fuchi Created the VirtuaX for employees. Now decker love to use it against them.
Protection: 2 armor vs Attacks 4 Int Pool Buffer. Restores on reboot.
(cyphers) 2 Cyphers may be uploaded to this deck at a time.
Damage: 3
Other Perks: Has up to 2 Perks

Novatech Slimcase-10
Tailored for aggressive decking, the slimcase has an upgraded basic attack but with a lower defense
Protection: 1 Armor vs attacks & Int Pool  Buffer of 6. Restores on Reboot
(Cyphers) 3 cyphers may be uploaded to this deck at a time
Damage: 4
Other Perks: Has up to 3 perks
Very Expensive

Tyansys Highlander
This high-end deck by Transys has a higher rating then the competition.
Protection: 3 Armor vs Attacks & Int Pool Buffer of 8
Programs: (Cyphers) 3 cyphers may be uploaded to this deck at a time
Damage: 4
Other Perks: Has up to 4 Perks
Cost: Exorbitant

Fairlight Excalibur
The Deck that every Decker Dreams about the Holy Grail of Cyberdecks.
Protection: 3 Armor vs Attacks as well as an Int Pool of 10
Programs: (Cyphers) 4 cyphers may be uploaded to this deck at a time
Damage: 6
Other Perks: Has 4 Perks
Cost: Artifact



Decker’s like to personalize their cyberdecks. This gives them added functionality in the Matrix as well as in the real world coined by many as “Meatspace”. Here are some Perks you can add to your Deck.

Vehicle Control Rig
Control Rigs allow the Decker to pilot any vehicle with a remote Rig receiver.
Rig receiver’s often need to be directly jacked into to use. Decks with VCR’s allow the operator to use their deck as an asset for driving and piloting checks.
Cost: Moderate for the Rig
Cost: Inexpensive for the receiver. It just takes ten min to install the receiver.

Drone  Control Rig
A Drone Rig perk allows the Rigger to command one Drone per perk. Drone Control Rigs need  to dedicate a lot of power to the running of drones. For each Drone Rig perk installed in a cyberdecks, all Matrix related Task difficulty are increased by one step.
Cost: Varies by Drone.

Int Buffer
Int Buffer perks provide some added protection to the runner while in the Matrix. This perk may be purchased more than once. The effects of this perk stack. You may not use this perk to gain more than double the default Int buffer of your existing Deck with this perk. Each Int Buffer perk purchased provides and additional 3 Points of Int Pool per purchase.
Cost: Moderate

Armor Enhancer
Armor Enhancer perks add one level of armor to the cyberdeck while in the Matrix.
This enhancement may not raise the Armor of a cyberdeck above a total 3 Armor.
Cost: Moderate


Drones come in two Styles, Surveillance and Support drones. Each of these has air and ground types. All drones are available in three chassis. Light, medium and Heavy. A Drone  can be used as an Asset if he succeeds on a task roll he may opt to use any of the drones appropriate weapon systems instead of his own. Drones are Assets a player may spend Intellect for effort on drone tasks.

When using drones they provide the controller the benefit of an asset in any tasks where using the drone can assist or benefit the player.




Next time…
Types of IC & what they protect.


Also here for other Cypher Shadowrun projects.

Cypher Races








Cypher System Races for Shadowrun

Races of Shadowrun

One of the most interesting things about the setting of Shadowrun is unlike its cyberpunk setting there are several races in the world since the return of magic. In addition to playing Humans in the world of 2047 or 2077 depending on what time you decide is best for you. You have the options of Dwarf, Troll, Orc and Elf.

Now for running Cypher System Shadowrun games I and how I intend to handle races I will be pulling from another game system so that I can better make the world feel full and vibrant with the many races of the world of 2077. In a standard Cypher System game you would use race as a Descriptor. I on the other hand am going to grab from the FATE system a rule I picked up in FATE Fantasy. A player may be of any race they wish it will have no bearing on their character other then role play reasons. If a player wishes to embody the elements of their race. Then they have the option of selecting a racial Descriptor.


Humans (Homo Sapiens sapiens) are the first metatype – the one that was around for some thousand years before the awakening. Each new subspecies of metatypes who appeared after the awakening,  (Elves, Dwarfs) and Goblinization (Orks, Trolls) are classified “Metahumans”.

In Cypher Shadowrun nothing changes from the standard normal character creation if you are a human.



Orc Commander by Dabana on DeviantArt: ORC (homo sapiens robustus) are considered meta-humans, like trolls, elves, and dwarfs. Orks are able to interbreed with humans and fellow metahumans. Despite this, their offspring will be of the race of only one of their parents. No half-breeds exist. They grow much faster than humans, reach maturity at the age of 12, and give birth to an average litter of about four children, though six to eight are not uncommon. Their average life-expectancy is about 35 to 40 years.

Their physical frames are similar to bulkier humans. On average they are larger and stronger than humans. Their mental capacities are considered slightly inferior on average to humans, though they are still not as dull as the average troll. Distinguishing features include large lower canines that protrude from their mouths. Orks have pointed ears that are smaller than those of elves.

You gain the following characteristics:
Sturdy: +2 Might Pool
Skill: You are Trained in all Strength based rolls
Skill: Orcs may use Might instead of Int in intimidation related skills.
Skill: Streetwise Orcs are Trained in Streetwise

Inability: Orcs not as quick on the uptake as humans. They have Inability on all Intelligence related checks with the exception of Streetwise

Cybernetic Limits: An Orcs sturdy nature gives him the added benefit of an increased cybernetic limit by one giving +1 Standard Cybernetic. (Cybernetics here)

Additional Equipment: One Moderately priced weapon.

Initial Link to the Starting Adventure:
From the following list of options, choose how you became involved in the first adventure.
1. You are one of the party’s contacts with the Orc Underground.
2. You were Hired as a Body Guard for one of the other players.
3. You are a Shadowrunner and have been the muscle on several runs with another Player.
4. You and one other player are the only survivors of a run gone bad.


Sci-Fi, Warrior, Armor, Man with Gun, Character, Weapon, Science Fiction, Shadowrun: Sacrificial Limb.: Dwarfs (lat.: Homo sapiens pumilionis) Dwarfs are on average shorter than humans; their average height is under 120cm. Remarkable features include the dwarfs’ small body size, short legs and full beards. Unlike humans with dwarfism, true dwarfs have upper bodies that are proportionately larger than their lower bodies compared to humans. Their skin color varies in a similar fashion to humans, with colors ranging from white to black. It is assumed that dwarfs have an average life expectancy of well over 100 years, although proof is still forthcoming. In addition, dwarfs clearly have a more efficient immune system than humans do, which makes them resistant to most diseases.

Due to their resemblance to humans, dwarfs face less prejudice from humans than elves, orks or trolls. Many are recognized for their technological prowess and work ethic.

You gain the following characteristics:
Stalwart: +2 to your Might Pool.
Skill: You are trained in Might defense rolls.
Skill: You are Trained in skilled involving technological skill.
Skill: You are practiced in evaluating Structures for strengths and weaknesses
Skill: You are trained in demolition.

Inability: When you fail an Intellect defense roll to avoid damage, you take 1 extra point of damage.
Cybernetic Limits: Same as Humans  (Cybernetics here)
Additional Equipment
: You can one additional Moderate cost Weapon of your choice.
Initial Link to the Starting Adventure:
From the following list of options, choose
how you became involved in the first


1. A Player hired you for your technical expertise
2. One of the players saved your life in a sprawl shootout
3. You met one of the players while imprisoned for a crime you either did or did not do.
4. Before a dwarf settles down, he needs to see the world


Shadowrun mage: Elves (Homo sapiens nobilis) Adult elves are on the average slightly taller than humans (≈190cm), and they are usually somewhat more lightly built (i. e. thinner with an average weight
of 72kg), but equally strong. Their most remarkable characteristic are their pointed ears. Their skin color varies, similarly as with humans, from white to black. Body hair is sparse but head hair is full and fine. Elven eyes are almond-shaped. Thanks to metabolic testing, it has been shown that Elves have a potential lifespan of several hundred years or more, with certain unexplained genes (usually found in powerfully magical elves) giving some an even longer lifespan a lot of elves – but not all of them – are vegetarian

You gain the following characteristics:
Agile: +2 to your Speed Pool or Inflect Pool.
Long-Lived: It is speculated that you could live hundreds of years. As a Shadowrunner this is very unlikely.
Skill: You are specialized in tasks related to perception.
Skill: You are practiced in arcane knowledge.
Skill: You are trained in stealth tasks. In areas of natural woodland, you are specialized in stealth tasks.
Fragile: When you fail a Might defense roll to avoid damage, you take 1 extra point of damage.

Cybernetic Limits: Elves are fragile: -1 Standard cybernetics  (Cybernetics here)
Additional Equipment: You gain one Moderately Priced piece of equipment

Initial Link to the Starting Adventure:
From the following list of options, choose
how you became involved in the first
1. Before joining the group you saw one of the players on a vision quest. The details of that vision are up to you.
2. You nearly killed one of the players in a conflict. You spared them only to learn a corp payed to have you team and their team take you out.
3. Your home was burned by a corporate group , and you gathered the PCs to gain revenge
4. An adventure was in the offing, and you didn’t want to be left behind



Sprig - Good natured troll that almost lives at the Arcade.  Sweet heart, but strong and tough. Smarter than he looks.  Helps out part-time.  Loves underdogs.  I trust him to watch the place.: Trolls (Homo sapiens ingentis)Trolls are larger than humans with an average height of about 280 cm (9′ 2″) and an average weight of 225kg (496 lb). Troll’s average height is 2.5 meters (8′ 2″), with an average weight of 300 kg (661 lbs.) but weighing upwards to 350 kg (771 pounds).

In addition to this enormous body size, trolls tend to have tusks and horns (which may or may not have symmetry).Ingentis body proportions differ from sapiens, with the ratio of arm-to-leg length significantly higher in ingentis, giving them an
advantage in melee combat. Trolls have calcified dermal deposits throughout their skin, which can resemble large warts, spines or an armor-plated effect. These dermal deposits make trolls more resistant to physical trauma. It is assumed that trolls have an average life expectancy of approximately fifty years, but this number varies depending on social conditions and environment.

Expression from sapiens to ingentis often gave severe mental trauma, often resulting in psychosis and mental aberration.  Individuals born ingentis do not experience this trauma.

Trolls are still the rarest of the Metahuman races.

You gain the following characteristics:
Enormous Size: Trolls gain a +6 to their might pool
Dermal Skin: Trolls are resistant to physical trauma they have a Natural Armor of 1.
Skill: Trained in all Might related Strength tests.
Troll Blood: Trolls gain one additional 1 action recovery roll.
Size Maters: Inability to any action involving size related maters to being smaller then a troll. 4

Inability: Trolls have an inability on all social interactions with any non Ork or Troll races.
Cybernetic Limits: Due to their Size Trolls Gain +2 standard Implants to their limit (Cybernetics here)
Additional Equipment: You gain one Moderately Priced piece of equipment

Initial Link to the Starting Adventure:
From the following list of options, choose
how you became involved in the first
1. You look out for one of the other PC’s they are the brains your the brawn
2. You tried to kill one of the other Players. The fight was a draw.
3. One of the players patched you up a youth in a gang war. You owe them your life
4. You met the player at the club you work at. The bring you on jobs at times for extra muscle.

Cybernetics can be found Here!