#RPGaDay2016 Day 2 Best Game Session since August 2015


This year I will be subbing in a few questions on #RPGaDay2016. Today will be one of those days.

Today I will be changing the question from. Best game session since August 2015.

Game I have most enjoyed since August 2015

I think this question will best be answered by looking back at another blog I did in the last year. So after some thought that the game I most enjoyed since August was my Cypher System hack of Shadowrun. It was sadly only a short-lived three session game that I very much would love to come back and re-visit. I wrote a few blogs on the subject and it was a mini labor of love. I have more notes and I had intended to put a few more blogs on the topic.

You can find the links to my Cypher Shadowrun blogs below, Enjoy.

Cypher Shadowrun Races.

Cypher Shadowrun Matrix.

Cyberwear In the Cypher System



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