Monday Musing 7/25/16 Keep it short and simple.

One thing I have noticed as I have been spending more and more time working on my homebrew world is how easy it is to fall down the “Rabbit Hole” and get lost in overcomplicated and unneeded fluff. Or head down paths that your players will likely never go or even think about. So that brings me to today’s musing KISS Keep it Short and Simple. Or when I was in the army Keep it Simple Stupid.

When working on this project I often took the time to pause while I was working. I would go back over and look at portions of what I was doing and ask myself. Is this important to my players ? Or am I writing this for myself ?

When we make things as GM’s we have to remember that far too often much of what we create for our players to enjoy will never be revealed. Unless we leave them clues for discovery often much of what you write will be written only for you. So when you find yourself  slipping down a Rabbit Hole. Here is my best advice for you. Ask yourself  this key question.

Is this needed or important for the story that I am running ? 

  • If the answer is NO, then KISS applies set it aside and move.
  • If the answer is YES, Then you must make sure you have several methods for this information be discovered by your players. Never forget If you only have one layer of opportunity for the players to learn about it then you have increased the odds that they will miss it.


Just a few random thoughts knocking around in my brain. If you would like to see me elaborate on this topic in more depth leave a comment and I may come back and dedicate a full blog post on the subject.

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