Product Mini Review: Fabled Environments Modern Floorplans “Average Modern Streetscapes”


Modern Floorplans

“Average modern Streetscapes”

By Charles and Krista White

After putting out several other projects Fabled Environments dips back into the well where they started and pulls forth a whole new set of maps. Frankly, I was surprised when I learned that after all of the great buildings and projects that Fabled Environments has put out to date that they have not given us streets sooner. With this map set, we could now just about lay out an entire town with FE products.

This product gives us three three new maps:

Professional- Lynette Group, Adnap Memorial Garden (alternate build), The Provincial Hotel, Concentrix

Commercial-Blanco Drugs, Stixx Pool Hall, St. Michael’s Pub, Ivory Note Lounge Jazz Club, Bytes Cybercafe, Flippin’ Out-Fast Food Restaurant

Residential- Farm House from Working Farm, The Marguerette Apartments


One great thing that was done to further bring all the maps in the FE line together like I mentioned above.

Each Streetscape uses one of the Fabled Environments existing floorplans and provides a portion of that floorplan in the Streetscape. This makes it easy to shift between the street and the structure

Fabled Environments makes use of toggled layers to provide you with the ability to have a more personal level of control over how you want to present your maps to your players. So you don’t want to have a “Blanco Drugs” on the corner ? Remove the text layer and that problem is solved. Or maybe there is a Blanco Drugs on the corner of every street in your game world. Maybe there is something more to Blanco Drugs? It’s in your hands.

If you already own any Fabled Environments maps I highly recommend picking this product up to add it to your collection. It is not their most creative or detailed map set to date. But it likely could prove to be one of the most often used maps in the line depending on how you use them.

Where can I get it ?

Click on the link below and hop on over to DTRPG and pick it up today.


maxresdefault (3)




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