Runkles Review: Winter Eternal for Savage Worlds

Winter Eternal  Winter Eternal by Morné Schaap Cover: Lord Zsezse Works, Morné Schaap & Anton Vermeulen Layout: Morné Schaap & Anton Vermeulen Interior art: Doug Anderson, Jeff Brown, Jason Heeley, Jeremy Jack, Bob Kehl, Riaz khan Eusouff, Christopher Onciu, Morné Schaap, Adam Schmidt, Colin Tan, Anton Vermeulen Overview: Winter Eternal comes out of the gates … Continue reading Runkles Review: Winter Eternal for Savage Worlds

Blueprint for Imagination!

My Friend Charles White is having his first contest. And its a cool one. Blueprints for Imagination. From 10/15/ to 11/15/14 the contest will run. So what is the contest. Develop a one-sheet style adventure based around any of the Fabled Environments maps! Have you wanted to get your name out there in the RPG … Continue reading Blueprint for Imagination!