Thanksgiving Day After

We had a good day yesterday. Instead of having the Thanksgiving meal at our house, we went to a friends that invites anyone without family near to an Orphan Thanksgiving Potluck. There were many good people there and made for a good meal. Here are some Thanksgiving themed creations (none are mine): The Gobbler: A … Continue reading Thanksgiving Day After

Old School Hard Core Grab Bag.

Well I was poking around and looking for anything new and entertaining and look what I stumbled on. This weeks Bundle of holding is a great find for any Old School GM! This weeks base level for $8 bucks is pretty sweet. Dysons Delves #1 is worth more than the 8 bucks by itself ! … Continue reading Old School Hard Core Grab Bag.

Some of the Greatest of all time.

Recently I have been thumbing through my old adventures looking for some inspiration while I seek out the "Next great adventure". And as I was looking over some of my favorite adventures of the past I thought to myself. That's Just It, I am not in the mood to make a great adventure for my … Continue reading Some of the Greatest of all time.