Old School Hard Core Grab Bag.

Well I was poking around and looking for anything new and entertaining and look what I stumbled on. This weeks Bundle of holding is a great find for any Old School GM!

This weeks base level for $8 bucks is pretty sweet. Dysons Delves #1 is worth more than the 8 bucks by itself !

Labyrinth Lord & Advanced Edition Companion is a huge 300 page book. I have yet to play LL but I have heard nothing but good things.

People of the Pit from Brave Halfling is the last in the cheep buy in. I myself have not heard much from Brave Halfling so I have no input on the quality.

But for $8 bucks you pull in a Rule Book and 6 Full adventures and an 11 level dungeon crawl. That’s Eight bucks well spent !

I do not have any first hand knowledge of any books in the full tier package so this time. And maybe the first time. I am recommending only picking up the $8 pack. As I said before Dyson’s maps are worth it alone !

Please feel free to chime in below if you know anything about the products in the Second Tier of the sale !

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