VOID RPG Kickstarter

****EDIT**** As of Sunday a new Video came out explaining in better detail the nuances of combat in VOID, With this break down explained I no longer have any reservations with the combat system any longer. VOID Tabletop Roleplaying Game is a new kickstarter moving into their sixth day today. […]

Bump In the Night RPG Kickstarter

I Bumped into this Kickstarter the night before last and gave it a look over. It’s just about over 1/3 of the way to its goal with 19 days left. So what is Bump in the Night ? It’s title plainly states that it is a Role playing game of […]

River? Serenity?

One of my Favorite line in the Firefly T.V. series. As a GM it sets the perfect tone for my blog today. In most space based Science fiction games one often overlooked place where most of the game is going to take place is the ship. As a GM it […]

Bugbear & Barghast’s, Oh My!

  Today we have a two for one day. I just could not resist, The Bugbear; an icon of D&D. One of the oldest heavy hitters in the game at low levels.  And if facing off with one of these guys did not have your players shaking in their boots. […]


Today’s Creature Feature comes from a truly disturbing set of Alphabet pictures I stumbled across. And since I started the Creature feature last week this inspired me for my posts now; and future creature features blogs. This will take some time to get through but I’m sure we will manage […]


By now most of you will have heard of Monty Cooks new game setting Numenera. It’s been out for some time now even though I am just getting around to reviewing it. Why the wait ? I have read the setting and absorbed the rules; yet as a game master […]