#RPGaDay 29 Most memorable encounter

  Day 29, here we go. My most memorable encounter has already been featured as my most memorable death. So here is a quick link to that blog post. http://rpgrunkleplaysgames.wordpress.com/2014/08/13/rpgaday-13-most-memorable-death-the-fall-of-zod/

#RPGaDay 28 Scariest Game you have played

  I am going to have to cop out on this one .. Ill just say it was CoC of some sort.. I don’t have an actual single game that stands out to me as the Holly Crap scary game that jumps out at me..There have been some moments in […]

Bundle of Holding !

Everyone is out there giving to ALS and you don’t want to Dump a bucket of  Ice water on your head ? But you still want to do your part and give to Charity? Are you a Ars Magica fans?  If the answers are yes then I have something just for […]

#RPGaDay 27 New Edition you would like to see.

As we start down the home stretch today’s question is. Game  you would like to see a new/improved edition of. I was surprised by how fast this one came to me. With many of the other questions I pondered and walked around my collection thinking of just what RPG fell […]

#RPGaDay 26 Coolest character sheet

  Well I have this one picked hands down. Glen Angus put out a series of Character covers before he passed away. There were more than 75 sheets in the collection. Years ago I lost the file that were on a laptop. And to this day I have been trying […]

Draco Magi and making friends.

Here is a quick snipit of Draco Magi. I often reveiw games but Today I wanted to talk about a clip I saw my friend Robert Burke toss-up on Facebook. Draco Magi the card game. With the kickstarter finished and the cards almost ready to hit the backers Robert headed […]