This time of year many GM’s throw out the holiday themed game for their players. Well this Christmas eve I say let’s ditch the elves and presents and get to what makes for a good roleplaying game story.  And you need not look any further than the holiday itself and you find the perfect spirit for the session. Krampus ….

The Christmas devil .. That’s right it’s not always been the case that bad kids get coal.. Oh no, what bad kids really get is Krampus. The Christmas devil. I know some of you are like wait, wait where did this guy come from. I was the same way a few years back when I first learned of Krampus. Yet he has been around longer then the traditional Jolly Santa we all have come to know and love.

So what is Krampus.  Krampus finds its origins in German history. He is a horned anthropomorphic figure with cloven hooves who punishes naughty children around Christmas. He is often wrapped in chains and sometimes bells as well. He caries a switch and a bag. One to beat naughty kids. And the other to drag away the truly evil ones. It is said that those he drags away he enslaves, Eats or just drowns. Yeah You better not be good for goodness sake !

I noted some irony as I was listening to Christmas music and writing this. When thinking about the Krampus it makes the song a whole new world of creepy. Now enjoy the cute song of our childhood and I will give you another fun bit of knowledge. Krampus comes to town on Christmas eave. Yup Santa knows because the bad kids have already been beaten or taken away. MERRY CHRISTMAS !

And some stats I found to get your juices flowing a Stat blocks that I be found.

Some Adventure Ideas.

1. A lord hires the adventures knowing the Krampus will be coming for his rotten son.

2. The adventures arrive in town and are awoken to screams and shouts as the Krampus begins dragging children from their homes.

3. The Krampus is coming for one of the players siblings or another relative.

4.  A village summons the Krampus to punish their naughty and wicked kids. Only to beg the adventures to save them when they realize the Krampus does not just punish children.


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