Monster Flipped: The Phase Spider

Right as I was wrapping up the post for the Phase Spider I had an inspiration. Yes the Phase Spider is a great Monster In your D&D and PF games. But the cool part about the alien nature is that you could easily slip this big nasty in to a few other settings with little work and it would very much worth while.
So that said I think I might start a new section of my blog if people like this. Not sure what I will call it yet. Flip that monster ? Monster Rehashed ? Monster Hash ? Throw some ideas my way.

So first off you could easily drop the Phase Spider into a Numenera Game with little to no effort at all and it would be an amazing monster. This also holds true for The Strange or any other current Cypher System. I could easily see it as a Rank 4 Creature with a Rank 5 Dodge due to its shifting in and out of this plane. And a poison attack that can move you one step down the damage track.  Gods I love Numenera its such a good system for making monsters on the fly.

It would also make a good beast to throw out in a Call of Cthulhu game some night. Some Twisted creatures that live on the edge of our reality and that of the old ones. Seen in and out of phase as they move closer and closer in the rain and lightning to devour their prey.. Yup no thank you check please !

In an Edge of the Empire game maybe they have some natural force like power that shrouds them from  the players minds briefly instead of moving them out of phase. They are really there but their force like ability makes your Gaze slip right over them.

Just a few ideas that started shaking around in this old brain. Give me your thoughts ! Have a great night.

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