Rolling Boxcars & Runkle Plays Games Banter Show #1

So with everything going on I was still able to have  a sit down with my friend over at Rolling Boxcars and kick off our fist Banter show. Its rough, but its was our first time out of the box and we will get better as we go. As I have been fighting to not get sick while packing this house for our upcoming move. I can say happily that my voice held out for the entire video. So we took a few min and shared some thoughts Banter Show #1 Link on where we would like to see things go with both our blogs over the upcoming year. Maybe we can get some more bloggers to join in from time to time as we do more. It was fun, and I am looking forward to being in a new house when we do the next one. And well rested.  I also might need to be in market for something better than a 5-year-old 20 buck webcam.

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