Ominous or expected?

Today in a way 5th Ed D&D took a step down the path that the last three editions have taken.  Today DungeonScape is no more. Trapdoor Technologies announced about nine hours ago the following. I never had my hands on the beta so I can not speak to the […]

The Lich

Few Monsters in the history of gaming evoke so much power and fear. The Lich is so much more than just a monster. When your DM introduces a Lich into your game your group is coming face to face with Legendary power. More often than not this will be a […]

More Sneak Peeks ! Tech and Tables of Contents !

So they burst the 50K charity wall and now we get the goodies for it ! The last wave of Sneak Peeks coming our way! The Table of Contents and Firearms and Alien TECH ! This guy is doing a happy dance because he has Firearms in his world. So […]

Magic Items and Artifacts oh My!

With the latest round of the extra life charity coming out WoTC has released a new sneak peek and this time its Artifacts ! Note: the next unlock is Firearms and Alien Tech! If they hit 45,000 ! Cool rewards for a Great Charity ! So here we have a […]

Game on the cheep Papercraft Terrain !

These weeks were hitting paper craft Terrain. Most of them cheep, Some not so much. And when used well can pair well with DF or other High end Terrain. Rest assured that the latter is not cheep. There are plenty of types of paper Terrain out there for the gamer on […]