Draco Magi and making friends.

Here is a quick snipit of Draco Magi. I often reveiw games but Today I wanted to talk about a clip I saw my friend Robert Burke toss-up on Facebook. Draco Magi the card game. With the kickstarter finished and the cards almost ready to hit the backers Robert headed […]

#RPGaDay 25 Favorite RPG no one wants to play

Day 25 Favorite RPG that no one else wants to play.  Well the one good thing about my RPG group is that there pretty much are no games that we will not play. But there are one or two that I would LOVE to see get more or any table […]

#RPGaDay Day 24 Most complicated RPG owned

So as we come to day 24, Its a Sunday morning and I get to arm chair quarterback the question of what is the most complicated system that I own..This one is one that I don’t even have to think about. Hands down I have for you the MOST complicated […]

#RPGaDay 23 Coolest looking RPG product/Book

I am going to pick two products and one book today. Coolest looking product our First coolest looking product is yesterdays best purchase http://www.dwarvenforge.com/ and Secondly I would put forward the Ultimate in Geek Cool products for your group ! And what more why did I pick to .. Because why […]

#RPGaDay 22 Best Second Hand Purchase

My best second hand purchase would without a doubt not be  a RPG product but game accessory.. my Dwarven Forge ! When I first started collecting Dwarven Forge I had planed to pick up one set ever few months and slowly build my collection.. It would take some time but […]

#RPGaDay Will still play in 20 years ?

YES. Oh wait, you want to have me narrow that down more,now I am not one of the die hard gamer’s that still rolls 1E D&D. But I have my fair share of older games that I still keep around and love. As a Matter of fact I managed I […]