Quick Grabs for New Years Eve Game Night.

Well each year we have an awesome New Years Eve Party that starts well before the sun goes down and lasts long into the night. Often well past the ball dropping. It is one of the few occasions that our group gets together to play board games. We are after all TTRPG players mostly. Gaming … Continue reading Quick Grabs for New Years Eve Game Night.

Boardgames for Uniforms Kickstarter Update.

I was able get timely reply from Capt Jeremiah Culp creator of Boardgames for Uniforms and get a bit more info about this great kickstarter. And he was polite saying he would love for any help to get the word out for this cool project. So I am back again with some extra info for … Continue reading Boardgames for Uniforms Kickstarter Update.

Boardgames for Uniforms Kickstarter

So tonight I was browsing around on Kickstarter looking for any projects that I would want mention here or back for their epicness. And Then I stumbled across this kickstarter. It hit me right in the feels. As a vet and a gamer, Knowing some of my best days of gaming were my Army gaming … Continue reading Boardgames for Uniforms Kickstarter