DMing 101 – Apocalypse Punk

Good blog write up about Apocalypse Punk and some of the variants of the setting that could be great fun at the table. I have recently been thinking back to some of the games I have run over the years and wonder if Rifts could be tweaked and make a great setting for a game like this.
New setting wise there are plenty of options for running games in this style. The Cypher system is just begging to be run like this. FATE would be an easy choice as well. Savage worlds Interface Zero 2.0 would put tons of tools in your hands for a game like this.
Just a few thoughts.

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Let the record show that I am not entirely happy with last week’s DMing 101, a rewrite is in order. For now though I continue with the genre’s series with a particular favourite of mine:

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  1. I’ve run a game that was fairly Fall Out-esque and I did it in Savage Worlds. It played very well. I would also have to mention the venerable GURPS, not because it is new or that I really care for Steve Jackson but it does it well. I suppose Numenera needs mention as well. Like Monte Cook or not, the game is a PA game as it’s shtick.


  2. Thanks for the reblog! Part of my projects for the year include actually running some different genre games instead of variations of fantasy. I’m planning on starting a super-powers setting in spring testing my own game system


  3. Ohgrr GURPS is such a great system but you have to be careful with it. There is so much Crunch there that players can get lost and lose focus of the genre if they are not careful. Savage Worlds lends itself well to a Pulp Punk game.. I am not sure if I would use that system unless I was using the gritty rules.
    I mentioned the Cypher system because “when” it comes out it will give you more room to wiggle then numenera does but that is such a good system to run I love it as a GM !


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