Boardgames for Uniforms Kickstarter Update.

I was able get timely reply from Capt Jeremiah Culp creator of Boardgames for Uniforms and get a bit more info about this great kickstarter. And he was polite saying he would love for any help to get the word out for this cool project. So I am back again with some extra info for all of you out there. Get the word our gamer’s !
Jeremiah is working with the USO in Okinawa to make this not just a collection of Boardgames for the troops in two of the bases in Japan. But regular game nights. As can also be seen in his comments section he has reached out to other USO locations in an effort this project to other bases in the future.
As of this post Jeremiah has already worked out the details with one of the two bases and will be having the first game night this Wednesday! For now he will be using his own game collection to run the events. And hopefully soon he will have a rotating collection for both bases if the kick goes well !
He has a list of game publishers that have agreed to donate him games on top of the results of his Kickstarter.
Currently these great companies are donating to the cause as well

Publisher who have committed:
GMT Games
Steve Jackson Games
Alderac Entertainment Group
R&R Games
Wizards of the Coast
Da Vinci Games
Indie Board and Cards
Calliope Games

The project is just a few days there is plenty of time to make this good one a great one !

Here is the USO Facebook Group mentioning the game nights already

And the Okinawa gaming group that he has set up for the events.


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