More from the DMG!

Well here is another round-up of the sneak peeks from the upcoming DMG !  I missed out on the post they tossed up while I was at the conventions but with today’s update I will get everything back up to speed.  So here we go with this round-up. I think […]

Monte Cook Games Announcing Cypher System Rulebook

Catching up on this weeks news, with Con recovery and Veterans Day Plus a Birthday yesterday I let a few cool things get by me. But NOT today! Were catching  up on a few cool things that I missed and learned during the convention. The rest of the week will […]

Friday Night Magic Runs off Roleplaying – Help Me Bring it Back

Great Points and a good Read. I have over the years mostly just come to accept that Friday Night Magic becomes the Card Flipper invasion. But There use to be some great groups in many stores that would get together on Friday nights and play long into the night.


Oh The Manticore One of my favorite creatures of myth and legend. Also always a very enjoyable creature to throw out on the table come game time.  The Manticore starts off in Persian legend.The image of this beast was considered a mark of evil by many right up until the […]