Tackling Cliches: The Princess is in another Castle, Prisons, And Fetch Quests

Again I would like to remind my readers, I am not saying you can not have a great game using any of these examples. But I am emphasizing that with these locations extra care needs to be taken to ensure that the scene is a successful and that your players […]

The Grell

The Grell.. the scary brain beast with a beak and can paralyze you with a touch .. has been killing parties and floating away with their bodies since first edition.  But it has come a long way from ….            To what it is today … […]

The Strange

The Strange is on sale right now over on Drive Through RPG ! And if you head on over there right now  you can pick it up for a steal of a price ! The Strange is the second Kickstater for Monty Cook Games and it was another huge hit. […]

GM Advice good read.

As I was cruising around the internet I stumbled on this. Great little read and I felt the need to throw the link up on my blog today since it goes along with the theme I have been talking about this month. GM advice. swing on over give it a […]

Tackling RPG Cliches: The Caravan

Last week I began to tackle a very sensitive subject to some. Gaming clichés. Maybe I should have stated I was addressing this line of posts to the new or novice Game Master. it’s the little things like starting locations or introduction of a game session that potentially hang your […]

Monster Manual Reviewed.. And I am Jealous.

Not having my hands on this book yet is killing me almost as much as not having the DMG.. Maybe more. But until then here is an awesome review on the MM.  After reading it I have the itch…I Do not know how much longer I can wait for my […]

What the heck is a Flumph ?

I had planed on doing a Frost Wyrm.. And then over the course of the week.. the Flumph happened.  And so here we are. And for many of you the first question is the same. What is a Flumph ? Well the Flumph can be traced back all the way […]