Exploding Kittens kickstarter

This game has blown up kickstarter.  The video alone is worth the watch even if you chose not to back this game.

Thus far exploding kittens has smashed the kickstarter ceiling.  This game has pulled in over 5 million dollars thus far and trending to an amazing record shattering 11 Million dollars! Right now as hard as it may be to believe exploding kittens is the most backed campaign in kickstater history. HISTORY ! wow.
The game looks great and I backed it at the Not Safe for work level.  I did that with two reasons in mind. I have a lot of friends that love cards against humanity. I imagine the NSFW portion will appeal to them. And I like variety in my games. I would rather have two decks combine for my 8 player games then have two identical decks.
Over all I love the look and feel of the game from what I have seen of the artwork. I think it will be a hit at my table that likes short quick fun games that they can throw down while we wait for the rest of the group to show up for games.

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