Review: Trusty Tavern Tome

Sir Reginald Lichlyter’s 
Trusty Tavern Tome

Written by Rick Hershey
Layout and Design by Rick Hershey
Fat Goblin Games Team
Chris Bayes, Eric Hindley, John Bennett, Lucus Palosaari,
Nick Esposito, Rick Hershey, Troy Daniels, Tyler Beck
Published by Fat Goblin Games
Page Count : 62

So I cracked open this PDF with a little bit of trepidation. I always tell anyone that gives me a product to review that they must be ready for a harsh review if the book is just not up to snuff. It is good for them and me as a reviewer. SO 62 pages of beer and brew, How was I going to find something good in this book to talk about ? And as I read over the last of the PDF I can assure you there is plenty of good things to talk about in the Trusty Tavern Tome.
And there in is the point I want to make about this book. The best books are the ones that get your creative gaming juices flowing. Your mind starts thinking about what you could do with the information at hand and implement it into your game. And even though the trusty tavern tome starts out slow. By its end It has you wanting to be an innkeeper. JOB DONE!

The book is broken into several chapters.
A Brief history of Alcohol
How to get drunk

Alcoholic Beverages
 Containing standard and mixed drinks beer, meed, wine and other distilled drinks. As well as fantastic drinks and magical brews.
Inns and Taverns
The tavern and typical taverns costs. As well as managing a tavern.
The inn and typical costs As well as managing an inn
Drinking buddies. 

This is not just a book about drinks and how to get drunk in-game. That alone is a HUGE plus. Nearly half of this PDF is devoted to the setting up running and maintaining an Inn or Tavern in  your game. This is a very detailed section and It was by far the best part of the book.  Honestly I enjoyed it so much that I wished it was at the front of the book and the drinks would have been in the back!
Not only is there a very detailed selection of Inns and Taverns and their costs to start and stock. But details as too how much each can and would earn per day vs the daily expenses of running these establishments. As well as a detailed description of what might be expected to be found in each of these typed of inns or taverns. Lastly your also given a section for populating your locations to help bring these locations to life.
The section on drinks is done nicely as well. There a nice brief description of each of the drinks. I appreciated that there was a craft DC so interested players could brew their own brands. This is something small and easy to do but it’s always nice to see that someone thought of it in advance.
One of the things that calls to me as a GM is the Signature brews ! You want to give your races some flavor. Then be sure to swing by this chapter and pick up some Orcish Slushgrogge or Screamcave Stout from the lands of the Drow. Now that’s what I am talking about !

My first con is only a nit pick. I really wish the meat of the book the inns and tavern section would have been in the front of the book. The current layout made me feel like I overly skimmed the product nearly missed some very good content like the Signature Brews.
Lastly I loved the idea of Magical Brews and Fantastic drinks. But I am still on t he fence about if they came across overpowered or run the risk of too heavy a toll to the user.

Would I recommend it?
Its adds a great bit of flavor to what is far too often one of the more dull portions of your game time. Everyone ends up in an Inn or tavern from time to time. If this product helps breathe some life into that then its a good buy.  This is a great buy if you have players that are looking to start their own inn or tavern in your game.
Also because it is very setting neutral even as a Pathfinder compatible product. This would fit straight over into any fantasy game like 5E D&D or old school Labyrinth lord games even without need for adjustments. A tweak here and there and it could be used in any setting.
So yes it gets my recommendation.

Where can I get it ? 

(click the image above)

Personal Note:
Despite my initial thoughts at a 62 page PDF. The ironic fact about this product is that I enjoyed it so much. If I would add anything I would have shaved a few drinks and added some real mix drink recipes you could sip from while at the table in-game. Maybe some Gamer grub commonly served in inns as well. A RPG cookbook/bartering game guide.. Well there you go Rick. Contact me and we can make that happen next.

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