Tiny Epic Kickstarter

As someone who has only recently in the last 4 or 5 years started to re-embrace my love for board games. I have a few things that are sure hooks for me when it comes to board games.
First is a short play time, often because I am throwing down a game while I am waiting for gamer’s to show up for my RPG game at the time. So they are space/time fillers. As such the game has to be playable in under an hour. Preferably 30 min or more. After all there is such a thing as too short.
They have to be for group of 1-5ish players. After all often were just waiting for one or two people in the game group. And i needs to be somewhat compact so it’s not taking up much room. And the price point has to be too to.  Not an easy task but it is unlikely that I will throw board games down regularly.
Enter Tiny Epic Galaxies.

Base Game Content List

  • 5ff4be9a8a84886448e7893a6a6a53e6_largeRule Book
  • 7 Custom Dice (black, screen printed)(14mm)
  • 20 Wood Rocket Ships (4 in each color, laser cut)(10x20mm)
  • 5 Circle Columns (1 in each color)(10x10mm)
  • 5 Hex Columns (1 in each color)(10x10mm)
  • 5 Cubes (1 in each color)(10x10mm)
  • 6 Over-Sized Cards (1 control card, 5 player galaxies)
  • 48 Poker-Sized Cards (18 energy planets, 18 culture planets, 12 Secret Missions)

And at 16 buck.. now I need to track down the rest of this Tiny Epic line darn it !
You have 3 days left to get in on this kick. Enjoy.

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