First Impression, Iron Kingdoms RPG

Well It finally happened. I after well over a year managed to sit down and get in on my first Iron Kingdoms RPG game. Now I have played the Wargame and I love it. So I was very eager to get in on the RPG when the opportunity finally presented itself.
The setting is massively in-depth. From the multitude of class types to the history of languages. Rare is the day I pick up a book and see the history of languages and dialects with this much depth.
Let me add a few things and stop myself while I am gushing about how much I enjoyed the setting and the game. First off the book for It’s 360 pages its sturdy and well-bound. I have not read the whole book but what I do know is it is packed to the gills with information history and everything including the kitchen sink.  And that’s just in the core book.
The game play itself is a basic 2D6+ your skill rank against a Difficulty. If you gain a boost just like in the wargame you add a D6. the whole thing just feels very intuitive. Even more so if you have played the wargame in the past.
As far play style the game was fast paced and very fun. One thing your learn right away is there is no such thing as a traditional healer in Iron Kingdoms like other fantasy based games. This is not a bad thing but I can assure  you that if you get deep into combat. You better have some healing tools with your group or you will not be well for days.
But that is good in a world of high magic and big stompy War Jacks.
I played my first game at Non-Con. It is a local in store 24 hour convention. The game was brief but fun. And Man did it leave a taste in my mouth to want to play it again.  At this time I do not have much more for you in the ways of a review. But this was just a post about my first sample of the game. And I am wanting more !
So I will leave you and myself eagerly wanting more info. Until then I will see if I can get a few books on my hands and maybe do up a review of the game!

If you are curious or this little snippet caught your eye enough to make you want to take the leap .. The games core book is on sale at the moment at DrivethroughRPG.

PDF Here.

Physical Copy

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