How Can Players Make a World Seem Real? #RPGaDay2018

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How Can Players Make a World Seem Real?   I think the answer to the question of how can players make a world seem real starts with player buy-in. When we run games we often hear about gamemasters needing to create player buy-in for the players. But today we will chat […]

Figure of the Week: Sea Lion

Sea Lion Today’s’ figure is a Reaper Bones sea lion. I’ve started painting monsters lately and am interested with aquatic creatures. I made this a darker colored figure so it can camouflage itself in the deep and at night. This is a Reaper Bones plastic version of this figure, they […]

Favourite Recurring NPC? #RPGaDay2018 Day 5

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 Favorite Recurring NPC? When I run games I love to build a stable of  NPC’s for my players to interact with. That said, it is interesting I a hard time deciding who my favorite recurring NPC currently is in my game. In this campaign, I have several recurring NPC’s giving me […]

What gives a game staying power? #RPGaDay2018

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#RPGaDay2018 What gives a game staying power? I like this question because in games I both play and run this is actually important to me. So let’s take a few minutes and talk about a couple of things that make us excited to keep playing a game week after week.   Level Advancement […]

What do You Love About role-playing games?

I see this year #RPGaDay2018 questions are starting off strong. So,”What do you love about role-playing games?” Well, honestly there’s a lot to love about role-playing games. When you get right down to it we are part of a  hobby that in some ways centuries old if not far older. […]