RPG-a-Day: My Favorite Character

My favorite character

badgen_1_orig-1My favorite character is the original playtest version of my Badgen race, his name was Stonefist. He was a barbarian, fighter. We did eventually have to tone him down, as he was unbalanced.

I made him by the savage species rules and even gave him less than the rules allowed. He started out in 3.0, upgraded him to 3.5 and then Pathfinder.

He was based on a half-orc/dire-badger cross, the frenzy rules for a badger didn’t allow him to exit rage without making a will save. I had a low will, so ended up having to be held, put to sleep or knocked unconscious. It was quite fun though. The picture to the left was drawn by one of the gamers in the group, it pictured him quite well.

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