Mace West 2019



Once more we have returned home from a Mace convention. This was our second trip to Mace West and I wanted to take a brief moment and look back on it. On our first year, we had a blast. It was our first time traveling to a convention with the main intent to be vendors in 2018. It was a good success last year and we were eager to see if one year later that we would have a repeat performance.

The trip up on Friday morning was a slow slog through the rain. I hate driving in the rain so I was very relieved once we arrived. Having a few cons now under our belt table set up was quick and easy. So shortly after arrival, we were able to kick back relax people watch and vend.

This might have been the first time that I have arrived at a convention and had not felt rushed for time to get ready for a game or get the table set up. I must say that it was nice to have that time to come down from the stress of the drive.

For me, the highlight of the convention was meeting new people and playing some fun games. As always I play Mace Cons lose and ride my luck for finding games to play in. Somehow Con luck never fails me and I end up in a great game every time. (Knocks on wood) I know one year my luck will run out on me. This year the trend continued and late on Friday night as luck would have it I got into a pickup game ran by the Great DM Scotty!

So myself along several of my close con friends sat down to a game of Survive the Night. A game by David Kish. It’s a fast-paced D6 horror game that uses face paced speed of play to keep the focus on the story. The game we played was Aqualung. Where we found ourselves as teens locked in a slowly flooding sewer being hunted. Let the games begin! The game plays well do DM Scotty’s style of running and his terrain system also complements it well. Just like any good horror game not all of us made it out alive but man we did we have a ton of fun!

Sadly our weekend was called short as we tried to beat the Storm front home on Sunday in an effort to avoid another slog in the rain on our way home. Unfortunately, that was not the case and we left in the rain and remained in the rain the entire way home. My luck has remained that if I have clear weather on the drive home. I get ConCrud.. Or I get to drive home in a wall of water. I think I am at the point that I would rather Crud next time. MAYBE.

Looking at future trips to Mace West I think both Missy and I are going to try to get in more game time at the convention itself. After all, we are gamers first and foremost, Vending is great but we both always want to experience everything that the con has to offer. After all, a gamer needs to game!

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