Giving my homebrew a fresh look Part 2. Creation Myth

When I fist began to put the pieces of my world into play I started with only a few things that were constants.

  1. Primordia was a young world and it’s pantheon of gods was new.
  2. The main land mass of the world would look like the corpses of a continent-sized dragon.
  3. The Great Dragon had defeated elementals and claimed the world for itself.
  4. The Great Dragon created the races of the world to serve it and they later would ascend to godhood and slay the Great Dragon.
  5. The Death of the Great Dragon would split it into several other Dragons that would become the seasons.

So I put my thoughts down and years ago this is what I came up with…

“The world began in fire. The whole of Primordia was a churning sea of volcanic fire. Glowing like a jewel in the sky. Ruled by great colossal fire elemental’s there was only fire. Primordia had no balance. Then the Great Dragon came to Primordia from the Sea of Stars. With one beat of its mighty wings the dragon snuffed the flames that raged across the world. Looking on the volcanic landscape finding it now suitable for his designs. The Great Dragon circled the worlds for untold time as the volcanic flows cooled under its passing shadow. With the land now still the Dragon Expelled a great breath and gave the world life.”

I wanted more and over the years I have scribbled down some new ideas. As the story has grown in my own mind as well as in the minds of my players. One thing that always came up was “Just Fire Elementals ? ” This valid question eventually heavily influenced a new more detailed myth of my worlds creation.

This also interestingly enough, not only cemented a firm creation myth but gave me my version of the Titans for my world. Beings that were there before my gods with God-like power themselves So ending one era and heralding in a new era.

So here is the story of my first Era and the myth of my worlds creation.


Primordia Wold Creation Myth (FINISHED)-page-001

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