Monday Musing 7/18/16 #RPGaDay2016


Better late than never ? It seems I forgot to schedule my Monday Muse! But at least Its still Monday! 

Here we are at another Monday. I hope you all had a good weekend !

I set my mind to today is getting back into the swing of regular work on the blog. much of today was spent looking and some upcoming product for reviews and the line-up of questions for #RPGaDay2016.

In the land of reviews, I have two great products coming your way soon. Charles Whites Fabled Environments has a new map release I will be taking a look at. As well as A new product from Snap Sites that came out while I was on Hiatus. I look forward to getting the reviews for each posted in short order.

In other news, I plan on spending some time working on my RPGaDay questions as I will be participating again this year. I have looked over the questions and I noticed that many of them like they said would be are far more personal this year. It should be interesting. On that note, I think that this will be the first time I have ever subbed in a question for the month. One or two questions are just not something I would like to do. One question, Pick my personal “Dream Team” of all the gamer’s I have played with.  I have no desire to even approach.  I do not want to take the time to “LIST” my players in any order. That and I would never hear the end of such a post. NOPE no thank you. I hope other bloggers and vloggers agreed with me and we see many subbed in questions on that day.

I am excited this week to show off some more pieces of my homebrew work this week I hope you all enjoy it!  Alright, time to get to work!


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