Review: Flawed Dupes

Blueprint for Imagination: Flawed Dupes

download (9)By fabledenvironments-new logo-OBS
Matthew Cutter
Editing and Layout by Charles White
A Fabled Environments game



After Nevicata’s radio operator sent out a distress call and rescinded it an hour later, certain listeners with ties to shadowy government agencies got wind of the situation. Calls were made, meetings held. Within 18 hours they dispatched an investigative team to Nevicata—your group!

Flawed Dupes is the latest in the line of Fabled Environments blueprint for imagination line of adventures! These are presented in Savage Worlds One Sheet style of adventure design. The adventure is for the Savage Worlds game system and also comes with a smaller Fabled environments map of the location where the adventure will be taking place. Flawed Dupes sets our heroes on am exciting  mission of investigation, intrigue and danger.

Right out of the gate the concept of this adventure grabbed me. Not only does it offer up a great idea all on its own. The author additionally points out some twists or alternatives of how one could run this adventure the same way but in several settings.
This story is short sweet and to the point. Yet it could easily take your players several hours of game time to handle. I think it would be perfect for a con or a one shot game night. The story is set in the Arctic Research Station Nevicata. We all know THE THING that comes to mind when you mention arctic research stations. But that is not the story of Flawed Dupes. Although there is no reason you could not use the map and run that story as well another time, bonus !

This time I can not find any cons. Maybe it is because I am so taken with the story idea. but I am just eager to throw this one down at an upcoming con game. I really hope to see this one run by someone at Storm-Con. The PDF is short but it gives you everything you need. And the price point is spot on.

Would I recommended it ? 
Absolutely  ! If you get the chance scoop this PDF up fast.

Where can I get it ?


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