Review: Canned Food

Canned Food is  a Savage worlds horror adventure written by Darren Miller. This was one of Fabled Environments adventures from the Blueprint for Imagination contest they recently held. Daren has been a GM at Storm-Con each of the two years we have been running. I think I might have in my hands one of the adventures he will run for our third  year if he can make it.

Canned Food: By Darren Miller

Canned food puts the players in the rolls a group that has been hired to look into the strange occurrence that recently happened aboard Pinnacle Airlines flight 121. As the session starts your players have not only already passed through security but boarded the “Red Eye” and either taxing down the runway to take off or in the air. And then the fun begins. 
Let me just say this is very much an out of the frying pan and into the fire type adventure. Strap in its going to be a tense ride. 
The entire adventure will take place over the duration of the flight, unless the players are very creative and find a way to wait it out and find a solution on the ground. The adventure gives you an idea of what do to if that happens but it assumes and very likely so. That all the action is going to take place on these now unfriendly skies. 
This would make an intense side adventure for some games and fit well in most any existing supernatural horror game. As well as a quick game at a convention. Canned Food was not set up like past Fabled Environments adventures with options for an extended story arc or campaign to be presented to you. This is just one nasty adventure. And I mean that in a nail-biting are we going to make it out of here alive kind of way. 

Canned food is just plain deadly if the players don’t think on their feet. This is neat little adventure tucked in a nice plane shaped box. If you’re not a fan of sandbox games. This is about as straight forwards as it gets. If you like sandbox play. There is enough here to tweak when the players step on the plane and give a little more game time.  And even on a plane a creative group can still have a bit of freedom if they put their minds too it. 

Canned food is just plain deadly if the players don’t think on their feet. Yes its a Pro and a Con. Because it is a horror game. This might be best to run for a group of Pre-generated characters or as a Convention game. I worry that if the GM is not careful this adventure could easily become an encounter instead of an adventure. Leaving groups with a lot of time on their hands thinking about their mistakes. This is a horror adventure and your players will know this going so it sets the ground work for a good story that your players will talk about for a long time to come.

Would I recommend it ?
I would pick this up to add to my collection of one offs. Games I run when a player can’t make it to our regular game or someone is going to show up late. As I said earlier I would recommend Pre-Gens for playing this session.  It strikes me as a perfect place to drop your players in a horror game!  It would also fit well as a side adventure for a supernatural style game as well.  I only hold one reservation with Canned food. I fear that it has all the right elements to be accidentally and tragically short as a convention game  and too short to be run as a regular length game.
( NOTE: Short/Con Games run time 4hrs. Long game day 8hrs)

Where can I get it ? 

Canned Food By Darren G. Miller
Editing and Layout by Charles White
Company: Fabled Environments
Pages: 10 Format: PDF



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