Favourite Recurring NPC? #RPGaDay2018 Day 5

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 Favorite Recurring NPC? When I run games I love to build a stable of  NPC's for my players to interact with. That said, it is interesting I a hard time deciding who my favorite recurring NPC currently is in my game. In this campaign, I have several recurring NPC's giving me a cast of characters and … Continue reading Favourite Recurring NPC? #RPGaDay2018 Day 5

#RPGaDay2018 Most Memorable NPC?

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  #RPGaDay2018 Most Memorable NPC?   So far so good, we are heading into day four strong. Let's tackle today's question. Most Memorable NPC? Wow, I have a few so I think I am going to instead tell you about Two of them. Ironically both of these NPCs never saw as much table time as … Continue reading #RPGaDay2018 Most Memorable NPC?

Updating Shady Dragon Inn

I am working on converting the NPCs in the Shady Dragon Inn to Pathfinder. Currently, the best program I found to use for this so far is the RPG Scribe from the Apple store. ( I know I could do this by hand, but at a convention, it will be nice to have them all stored on … Continue reading Updating Shady Dragon Inn