2018 Questions

#RPGaDay2018 Most Memorable NPC?


#RPGaDay2018 Most Memorable NPC?

2018 day 4


So far so good, we are heading into day four strong. Let’s tackle today’s question. Most Memorable NPC? Wow, I have a few so I think I am going to instead tell you about Two of them. Ironically both of these NPCs never saw as much table time as I would have liked. but they both turned out to be at least for me very memorable NPC’s.


Old Wheezy

Wheezy was a fun NPC that I had the pleasure of tormenting my players with for a short time. You see Wheezy was a high priest of Dagon. Either the players never got his name or it has been forgotten as he was quickly dubbed “Old Wheezy” because of the way he would constantly wheeze for breath.

Wheezy was not around very long, as shortly after his plot was discovered the players put Wheezy and his entire cult to the sword. Wheezy would return again to haunt the players and once more. As soon as they saw him they put him to the sword one more time. Since then, If I even hint at a Wheeze with an NPC my players will threaten to kill them lol. I have never been able to put my finger on why they hated him so much. Maybe, just maybe it was because he and his cult were sacrificing visitors to the town to Dagon. Whatever it was it was a lasting hatred.



Gaston would be born of random dice rolls. The players were to meet a Dukes Captin of the Guard and I picked up my DMG and rolled some dice. The dice fell as followed:

Appearance: Exceptionally Beautiful
NPC Ability: Strenght- powerful, brawny, strong as an ox
Low Ability: Intelligence Dim-witted

Talents: Sings beautifully
Mannerisms: Speaks Loudly
Traits: Arrogant & Hot Tempered

Ideal: Glory
Bonds: Dedicated to a personal life goal & Captivated by a Romantic Intrest
Flaws: Arrogance

As I sat and looked at the resulting dice results I smiled as I just kept thinking of Disney’s Beauty and the Beast. Gaston was born, fate would have it that I was able to put Gaston in a few moments where he would play the foil to the PC’s.

The players never really hated him so much as were annoyed by his presence. With the exception of the party bard who absolutely hated Gaston. Because he had shown her up once or twice in the game. Sadly that game ended before Gaston and the rest of the story could be fully developed.  Yet in that short time, his presence made a fun impression on the group.


Please feel free to share some of your most memorable NPCs! I look forward to hearing about them.
Also today I Highly encourage you to talk a look at the two links below.
The Fall of Zod is by far my Favorite NPC I have ever run in a game, I did not talk about him here because he has an entire blog dedicated to him.

The second link is The Most impressive thing players have done. It is a pretty epic tale of playing a game with a “Go big or go home” attituded in a low-level game.



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