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Favourite Recurring NPC? #RPGaDay2018 Day 5

 Favorite Recurring NPC?

When I run games I love to build a stable of  NPC’s for my players to interact with. That said, it is interesting I a hard time deciding who my favorite recurring NPC currently is in my game. In this campaign, I have several recurring NPC’s giving me a cast of characters and personalities to pick from. Honestly, it’s a nice problem to have. In the end, one NPC s stand out as my favorite recurring character and that would be Keldor the head of the cities thieves guild.



Keldor Head of The Thieves Guild

KeldorI find I enjoy Keldor the most out of all of my NPCs in this campaign because each of my players at the table has a different opinion about him. Some like him, some have come into direct conflict with him. Yet because of how the story has played out, all of them have had to deal with him or fight alongside him at one time or another for one reason or another. Keldor is a complex NPC with motivations that at the beginning of the story were not directly tied to the players. The result of this was often when the players would return to the town from adventuring. At least one player will want to know what no good Keldor has been up too. They could also be sure that it has not been in the parties interests, as he had is own agenda.

Now with the campaign at its midpoint things have changed somewhat between the players and Keldor. Because of brushes with the party, Keldor has both suffered and benefited from their association. In the early days, they tried to shut him down and put him out of business. Over time most of the players have come to view him as a lesser evil that can be worked with and they even saved his life once. The growth of this NPC’s and his story that he has with my players makes him my Favorite recurring NPC.




So what is your favorite Reocurouing NPC and why?  I look forward to reading about them below!


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