Updating Shady Dragon Inn

DnDAC1TheShadyDragonInnI am working on converting the NPCs in the Shady Dragon Inn to Pathfinder. Currently, the best program I found to use for this so far is the RPG Scribe from the Apple store. ( I know I could do this by hand, but at a convention, it will be nice to have them all stored on my phone or tablet.)

So far I’ve finished the first 6 fighters: Abel Artone, Ariadne Beornsdottir, Boris Bonesnapper, Charles the Bold, Donal of Clear Water and Eric the Honest.

While searching for a completed conversion that might be out on the message boards. I found a partial one on dicefreaks on tapatalk by Kain Darkwind.  He converted: Sister Sanchia, Nadia Svensdottir, Selina of Black Coast, Sara of the Slight Touch, Tomas Tam, Zacharias the Nimble, Penelope of West Haven and Orlando the Bearkiller.

I’m having to add info of course but am trying to keep as close to the original characters as possible; while still updating them to Pathfinder.

I will be using them for NPCs and as drop-in characters for the MACE Roleplaying Convention in Charlotte, NC.

If anyone wants one or a few of my conversions when I’m done, put their name/number of the character you would like to see me post in a later blog in the comments below.

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  1. Hey, glad you liked my conversions. I would like to point out that those are just page 1, and more conversions are to be found along the later pages.

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