STAR TREK ADVENTURES – Living Playtest Sign up begins.


Modiphius has announced that they are preparing to kick off their living playtest. If you are interested in playing in a “Living” space game this is likely going to be right up your ally. I myself have never been to big on Living games. Yet for some unknown reason, the thought of a living game in the Star Trek Universe strikes me not only as a wonderful fit it also excites me.

There is not a lot of details to give at the moment but here is what has been announced.

Our Living Playtest will begin with adventures testing the core mechanics and then will evolve into a playtest campaign where your actions will also inform an ongoing storyline.

By participating in the playtest, you are agreeing to play these adventures to provide feedback on all elements of game play through avenues we provide.

Playtesting will begin in November and will continue through into the Spring, 2017.

Player groups will need to pick a ship assignments from the following ships. U.S.S Lexington – All round experience (TOS era)

  • U.S.S Venture – All round experience (TNG era)
  • U.S.S Thunderchild – Focus on conflict (TNG era)
  • U.S.S Bellerophon – Focus on science and exploration (TNG era)

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