#RPGaDay2016 Day 6 Most amazing thing a game group did for their community​?


Most Amazing thing a game group did for their community?

In the case of this question, I am going to tell you a story about a game Convention. I know your thinking wait ? But that is not the question it is a what did a game GROUP do for their community.

Again I will be telling you about a game Convention. That game convention would be Storm-Con. Storm-Con was a small game con held for three days each year in Charleston SC. Sadly it is no longer and active convention in our area. But what did this convention do for the community that makes it the answer to today’says question?

Before Storm Con was a convention it was a much smaller gathering of gamers that would meet in park recreation centers and host mini-conventions for the gamers of Charleston. The goal was very simple, bring gamers together from all over the city with the intent to play games and help out charity. We called it Gathering in the Park.

Gathering in the Park proved a huge success, by the third Gathering it was obvious that we were outgrowing our Mini-Convention status and we made the move to a full-fledged convention. Along the way, we were able to bring more gamers together. Creating a stronger community and having fun and giving to charity the entire time.

At our last convention, we raised nearly a thousand dollars with our charity auction and brought 400+ gamer’s together for three days of fun and games. Sadly, due to prices hikes of the areas hotel space we were forced to close our doors. In the time that we had at least.
We redefined gaming in our area, as well as did a lot of good while doing it along the way.

So to answer the question, What is the most Amazing thing a game group did for their community ?  They came together for 4 years to give to charity and spread the joy of gaming. 1 as gathering in the park and 3 as Storm Con. And that Game Group was each and EVERY gamer in Charleston SC that helped make it happen!

A Gift for You—Or the World! From Monte Cook Games.


Monte Cook Games has gone off and done it again.. Hit this blogger right in the feels. I may have been caught once or twice gushing over these guys and how they always seem to just knock it out of the park time and time again when it comes to doing it right. 

Well hear you go. Have five bucks for free for the holidays. But wait there is more. 

It’s the season of giving, so let’s make it a great holiday season for some great causes!

Introducing the 2015 MCG Holiday Gift. We’re giving you a $5 coupon for the MCG store. Use it to get a little something for yourself or a loved one—or you can turn it into a donation to one of three charities we’re supporting this holiday season!

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Well what are you doing on my blog still ? Get over to MCG and get some of what they are giving.. or if you like me already have everything of theirs. Go on over and give to charity!


GM Care Package! A Bundle for Charity.

The Roleplaying Game Creators’ Relief Fund, a charity established by gamers to help game creators in need so they can continue to create great games for all of us, is proud to announce its first major charity gaming bundle on DriveThruRPG! The bundle includes over $200 worth of gaming PDFs and is available for only $20! All money received goes into the RCRF’s coffers to help it perform its mission of assisting game creators who have suffered medical or other emergencies

This bundle not only offers up some good bang for its buck but the best part. All of the proceeds go to charity. I am pointing out this charity because in the last 3 years we have seen a number of game creators fall on some hard medical times. Medical bills can be crushing to creativity and even completely grind some products to a halt indefinitely. Often it is hard enough to focus on the thought of looming deadlines. Add to creating games is a labor of passion and love. Stressing over bills and ones health does little to help any of these things.
Often these creators never ask for help, many we learn about second or third hand. Some fan will start an Indigo-go or a GoFundme for them and we come together to help where we can.

By Picking up the GM Care package you help ensure that if you miss that next call to help a creator in need that the odds are good they will still get some help if they need it. As well as you get a bunch of cool RPG stuff.

So for just 20 bucks are you getting a good deal ? Well for 20 bucks you get over 30 PDF’s Among them: Torn Asunder: Critical Hits PFRPG Edition,  The Devil’s Spine,  The Dark Spiral Shaintar: Legends Arise,   Savage Worlds Deluxe: Explorer’s Edition . All and all not a bad deal for charity.

Click the image and it will send you straight there.


Champions 5th Bundle of Holding !

Bundle of Holding has a new pack of E-Books heading your way with Champions online 5th edition.  Five books in the core Bundle or pick up the whole thing and walk away with nearly 100 bucks in books for less than 1/4 the price !
Hero is currently in 6th Ed but if you were a fan of 5th this is a good chance to snag up one of the best super hero systems out there.



Bundle of Holding !

ArM5LogoColorEveryone is out there giving to ALS and you don’t want to Dump a bucket of  Ice water on your head ? But you still want to do your part and give to Charity? Are you a Ars Magica fans?  If the answers are yes then I have something just for you !
Here is your chance to pick up a huge pile of books for the 5th edition books with this weeks bundle of holding.  Over $100 dollars in E-Books and currently you can get the whole pile for under $25 bucks ! Not a bad price if you’re a fan of the system. And it’s for charity !

Fate Bundle

I Like to keep my eye out for good content for good causes. This is one of those. Humble Bundle Projects if you did not know donate a portion of all of their proceeds to charity. Several of the bundles have brought in over $1 million; as of August 23, 2013, the bundles have collectively earned more than $50 million, of which over $20 million has gone to charity.  That’s a great cause for me to get behind cheep PDF’s ! 

Well that’s all good but I know you want to know if there are any good books in the Bundle right ? Well this weeks bundle is FATE CORE ! This great system has been making a lot of waves ever since they had a HUGE kickstarter. Well if you missed out on that. Now’s your chance to get in on some FATE action. And at a supper low-cost as well! So if you see this and can spare a few bucks. Run out there and get a Great stack of PDF’s. And do it for charity. That and as a great way to round out your Fate Core set !

For just under 8 bucks you get the main PDF set, and the full set currently will run  you 16.50 for all ten books ! not bad at all. Also if they add more books before the end you get them as well if you buy in early. So if you want to give FATE a try, get out there and give to charity and get it on the cheep! There’s less than two days left on this Bundle. I’ll make it easy on  you and add a link for you.