Fate Bundle

I Like to keep my eye out for good content for good causes. This is one of those. Humble Bundle Projects if you did not know donate a portion of all of their proceeds to charity. Several of the bundles have brought in over $1 million; as of August 23, 2013, the bundles have collectively earned more than $50 million, of which over $20 million has gone to charity.  That’s a great cause for me to get behind cheep PDF’s ! 

Well that’s all good but I know you want to know if there are any good books in the Bundle right ? Well this weeks bundle is FATE CORE ! This great system has been making a lot of waves ever since they had a HUGE kickstarter. Well if you missed out on that. Now’s your chance to get in on some FATE action. And at a supper low-cost as well! So if you see this and can spare a few bucks. Run out there and get a Great stack of PDF’s. And do it for charity. That and as a great way to round out your Fate Core set !

For just under 8 bucks you get the main PDF set, and the full set currently will run  you 16.50 for all ten books ! not bad at all. Also if they add more books before the end you get them as well if you buy in early. So if you want to give FATE a try, get out there and give to charity and get it on the cheep! There’s less than two days left on this Bundle. I’ll make it easy on  you and add a link for you.



  1. This is such a good deal, thanks for pointing it out! FATE has been recommended to me multiple times, so this is definitely a good find for me.

    I love that Bundles have become popular on the internet. So many things I’ve been able to try out that I wouldn’t otherwise.


    • Glad I could not only spot you a deal but get another person playing FATE. It is an excellent system. On of my friends has been talking about trying a FATE Fantasy game. And the more I think about it the more I want to play it !
      I wish FATE Freeport was in this collection.


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