A Gift for You—Or the World! From Monte Cook Games.


Monte Cook Games has gone off and done it again.. Hit this blogger right in the feels. I may have been caught once or twice gushing over these guys and how they always seem to just knock it out of the park time and time again when it comes to doing it right. 

Well hear you go. Have five bucks for free for the holidays. But wait there is more. 

It’s the season of giving, so let’s make it a great holiday season for some great causes!

Introducing the 2015 MCG Holiday Gift. We’re giving you a $5 coupon for the MCG store. Use it to get a little something for yourself or a loved one—or you can turn it into a donation to one of three charities we’re supporting this holiday season!

But don’t delay: The code expires on December 26. And one code per user, please!

Well what are you doing on my blog still ? Get over to MCG and get some of what they are giving.. or if you like me already have everything of theirs. Go on over and give to charity!


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