Writing for Myself Again.

To be honest, writing this year has been a bit of a struggle for me on my blog. Last year I raised my personal expectations for the blog through the roof. The result in doing so I missed the mark utterly. The popularity of my blog under a year ago came from the fact that it was me spilling my thoughts on the page about topics that I was passionate about. Personally, I still am shocked that anyone ever reads my blog, but I am thankful of you’re here. Where it began to go wrong was when I started caring about its growth. I was trying to grow the blog instead of continuing to do what was growing it in the first place.

The Result

I began to change, I began writing about things that I thought would attract more people to the blog, and In doing so I became disenchanted and burned out trying to keep up the pace. Then in the early part of the year it happened, I hit the wall and found myself at a point where I would dread even logging in some days. This quickly led to delays in promised posts & reviews and just an overall drop in my blogs signal.

Lets me be honest for a moment, if it were not for Missy, and PookasKreations stepping bring fresh posts and content to the blog. This year might have experienced several weeks at a time without a post. Thank you Missy for all of the help you have brought to the blog.

At the start of the month, I had declared a comback of sorts with RPGaDay. That turned into a short lived endevoer this time around. As I was excited at having some blog content ideas that would get me back in the saddle again. Yet again this turned out to be content NOT for me but an audience. I realized I had immediately slipped right back inhabit habbit that had caused me so many issues in recent months. So I set it aside shortly after the first week and did something that I have never done in the time I have had this blog. Other than scheduled posts I just didn’t open WordPress for a few days. I just hit the mental reset button.


So I have looked back at this year and I want to acknolage some of my mistakes.

  •  I stoped writting about what I want to blog about.
  •  Honestly got a bit of a big head, I had the pleasure of many amazing people giving me the opertuinty to write quality reviews on some amzaing products. I reached a point that I just assumed. That when they would make new projects they would naturaly just send new reviews and such away. But who can blame anyone for not sending review work to a bloger who is barely bloging.
  •  My hopes were to high, as was evidnece in my first format of my patreon. I have reassesed and now i think  it has realistic goals.


Now What?

Going forward, I am going to make an effort to go back to the basics, I writing started this silly blog only for me. So I am going back to the drawing board and writting for myself again. If you are still here wonderful. I can not say enough how thankfull I am to everyone that has been along for the ride so far.

Likely I will be changing the look of the page a bit, change is good from time to time I think. Also kind of want to embrace some of my old formats again and going back to my roots a little. Call it nostagla, I am looking to find myself once more. I will give you this warning as the next few weeks of blogs might look like I am just throwing topics at the wall to see what sticks in an effort to get me writting again.

There will still be reviews, But I am going to go out and review what I want to review for awhile. And expect an announcement on RunklesRankings in the next few days.

Expect to see more crafting posts in the coming days as well. With my ramping up for Mace Con and my growing love of crafting, Its about time it gets a bigger presence on the blog.

I will keep the Patreon but it will be seeing some changes coming soon as well. I have a few ideas cooking up like giveaways, candle or bath bomb subscriptions and things of that nature. Keep your eyes out for more news soon.

As always thank you for your support!



If you want to become a bigger part of the blog consider joining the patron.

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