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Tales from the Loop RPG is heading to Amazon TV

Tales from the Loop is coming to Amazon TV. You heard it right, that is not a mistake.
Amazon has ordered up a direct-to-series Sci-fi drama. Lets just let that sink in for a moment.


That’s right Amazon has green light this show for more than just a pilot.  I can only imagine that this is in hopes to be a direct competitor to the Netflix smash hit Stranger Things. It looks to me like Amazon is swinging for the fences on this project from the writer of “Legion” Nathaniel Halpern. Halpern will be the executive producer and showrunner of the series.


The world of TFL is built around the stunning and evocative artwork of Simon Stålenhag that blends rural Sweden life in the backdrop of science fiction. Personally one of the reasons why I love his art so much is rural Sweden has a striking resemblance to the 1980s Midwestern America where I grew up.

Albert Cheng, co-head of television at Amazon Studios said

“Simon Stålenhag’s paintings are renowned for their vision of a not-too-distant, futuristic landscape. We are looking forward to bringing that to life and sharing it with our Prime Video audience,”

Amazon feels very confident putting Nathaniel at the helm according to Sharon Tal Ygudado, Head of scripted genre programming with Amazon Studios.

“Nathaniel is a gifted storyteller who shares our passion for creating soulful, human stories that push the boundaries of genre programming and we’re thrilled to be working with him on this series,”

Fox 21 Television Studios will co-produce the show the executive VP Jane Francis commented.

“I was immediately intrigued by the idea of bringing Stålenhag’s incredible paintings to life, but it’s Nathaniel’s deeply inspired vision for this world, and the stories he has created from an incredibly passionate and emotional place, that will drive this series and its storytelling. Together with Mark’s brilliant visual sensibility and unique point of view, it makes this a truly exceptional project and the perfect one to partner with Amazon in our studio’s first direct-to-series order at the streamer,”

Having been utterly blown away by Legion and in a love affair with Tales from the Loop RPG. This for me has all the makings of a smash hit. I imagine many of my fellow fans and gamers that backed the Kickstarter as well are a bit excited to hear the news that the RPG they helped bring to life. That started as a series of paintings is now going to be cast into our homes as a Sci-Fi drama!

Tales from the loop art

It’s a great time to be a gamer!





Reflecting on MACE 2017

Ron and Jeff once again put on a great convention in 2017. With a Con over 20 years old, you often know what to expect from Mace. From time to time they embrace change or revisit old ideas from the past from time to time to keep things at the con interesting but the core of the con always remains the same, Its all about the games!

This year was no different, With tons of games lined up for everyone to play most everyone was happily busy all convention long. If it happened that you were between games there were over 50 free to play games this year as well as a large number of game demos being run at MACE 2017 to take part of will your next session started. Not to mention a fair number of vendors selling many awesome things!

This year I found myself with more free time than I usually have at MACE. I think this is due to a few Game Designer friends were not able to make it to the convention this year. Even without their presence MACE 2017 was the host to a TON of new games Many of them having recently run Kickstarters or actively running During the convention. I rounded up the con having the chance to play 2 games that are currently on Kickstarter.
Henchman, Hero’s Crossing & Loot Ninja. Loot Ninja was on, KS but did not make its funding goal.

It was just playing game Demos for me. I ran a game of Tales From The Loop on Friday and I absolutely LOVED IT! This was the first time I have ever run the game at a con or at home and the game went absolutely perfect. The group really got into character and it was one of the highlights of the whole con for me!

The other game that I ran was Star Wars D6 game. I had a great time but where our table was placed and my choice of where to sit at the table put me in the very center of the room. Sadly the volume of all the gamers made it very hard to focus on the game and I had a very hard time hearing two of my quiet players. We were able to power through and at the cost of my voice, the game was excellent as well.

This year saw the return of Pannels at MACE, I for one was very happy to see them come back. This year it was all about crafting with DM Scotty himself attending MACE! I had the pleasure of sitting down with and chatting about his craft and just getting to know him. I hope this kind awesome man will return to MACE in the years to come. he was amazing and the industry needs more people like him!

I did something that I have never done at MACE this year. I tried my hand at being a VENDOR! Many of you know that I have been crafting Crit Candles, D20 Candles with metal D20 dice inside of them. So I grabbed a dozen of them and decided to throw them on a table and see if anyone would be willing to pay me for these things. Expecting nothing and hoping to sell one or two. At the end of the convention, nearly all of them were gone. 8 Crit Candles sold and I traded two with other vendors for products of theirs.

Best of all I got to sit down and spend some time just hanging out with some of the great friends that I only get to see for those 3 days every year. I am glad to be home, and already looking forward to next years MACE.

#RPGaDay2017 5th Day: Which RPG cover Best Captures the spirit of the game? Tales From the Loop


The artwork for tales from the loop hands down best captures the spirit of the game. But The Art of this RPG book sets the stage for you that just leaves you wanting to know more. On top of that the more you flip through the book looking at the artwork the more you want to know what is going on in this game!

A game in the spirit of Stranger Things, Goonies, supper 8 & E.T. and that’s right you play as kids. The rules are from Mutant Year Zero so they are solid. If you want to give it a try you can scoop it up on DTRPG. The best part of the loop you can make characters and get into the game in about 5 min.

TIP: If you give this game a play, HAVE some 80s music playing in the background to help with the mood and keep each of the players “Favorite Song” ready to play from time to time during scenes to really get the players into the game.

Tales From the Loop