#RPGaDay2016 Day:23 Share one of your best “Worst Luck” Stories.


For this one, I will give you two. They will be short but both are chuckle worthy. Over the years I have had several bouts of just Terribad luck. These were not funny back in the day but now I look back on them and giggle I hope you will as well.

First up was my poor Whisper Gnome Rogue. This was such a fun little burglar in my group’s party. One of the rare played a female character at the table. She was like a ghost when it came time to do anything involving stealth she was legndary.  She could slip into your bedroll and rob you and you would never know she was there. The party knew that she was their ace in the hole when it came to such things.

Combat on the other hand. She was an utter mess. It was tragic really. We played that game for around 8 levels easy.. My poor Gnome in the entirety of her adventuring career NEVER hit.. and if she did I forgot about it. BECAUSE She missed that often. She missed so many times it became comical. I would change dice and she would still miss. But I still loved her even if she was USELESS when the time came to draw her weapons.

The second story I give you is another tale of frustration. We were playing a 1920’s era D&D game it was a ton of fun seeing the Eberron meets the legend or Kora. ( This took place YEARS before the LoK) The setting was great. The story was better. I was playing a Warlock. As the game went on one thing became certain. If there was a saving throw to be made… I was sure to fail it. In the quest to wrap up that storyline, I died 4 times. Three times just making a save would have kept me alive. That poor, poor warlock he never had a chance. It became so frustrating I NEARLY did not bring him back from one of his deaths. When the rez game he refused the call and made a deal with a devil to come back more powerful. For as frustrating as all those failed saves were. I still loved that character.

SO Do you have any “worst luck” Stories ?



  1. OK so here is mine.

    Firstly some background. My character was created when I was 16 and we only had the original core rule books. We played for a couple of years and then the group broke up when we all moved away to college/university. I was studying near by so I continued to play the character with myself and two surviving NPCs in the party.

    Meanwhile the GM formed another party with other players and by this time lots of suppliment rule books had been published with lots of new skills and abilities. Eventually my character, plus NPCs joined up with the remains of this new group being an elven warrior, a Dunedain warrior (he with the troll killing reputation) and a youthful thief. My character was a pretty traditional commoner turned warrior, sword and shield type. My NPCs were a healer and a mage.

    The new-fangled PCs had all kinds of special skills that I couldn’t even dream of like fighting with two weapons, tumbling and attacking to make themselves harder to hit and so on.

    I on the other hand had over the years collected a fair amount of nature and healing magics.

    So one day we are wandering thought Mirkwood, as you do when we spy a group of heavily armed orcs coming our way. We quickly formulated a plan “Let them get close and then charge” upon which we all agreed. As they got closer we noticed that one particularly large orc was being carried in a sedan chair. We revised our plan adding a new layer of sophistication “Aim for the lazy git and then charge!”.

    The plan worked perfectly, the Dunedain warrior was virtually swimming through the orcs striking left and right, the elf sprang into the air flying over their ranks and using a singing bow loosed arrows at the seated orc leader. It was at that point the illusion shattered and we were slaughtering the dwarven queen of the iron hills and her bodyguard. My being a glorified peasant had barely entered the fight when it was all going horribly wrong. My first thought was “We have a healer, if we can stop the fight, heal the queen we can try and work out who has set us up.” The other two characters thought “If none of the dwarves survive they will never know it was us.”. Both approaches have merit it must be admitted.

    I set about trying to passify some very irrate dwarves so, I am determined not to kill any of them to prove that I have no ill intent. A group charge up the road, presumeable to try and get word away of what has happened. I magically create an earthen wall to block the path, the first dwarf runs hell fo rleather into it and promptly breaks his neck on impact. At one point I am surrounded so I create a barrier pit beneath them and low and behold at least another one dies on impact. When I do have to fight them I am using martial arts throws to try and stun them rather than trying to kill them and it is amazing how many you can kill by accident by rolling exceptionally ‘well’ when it comes to critical rolls even when trying not to.

    All told I think I kill 5 dwarven bodyguards ‘by accident’ when trying to calm a situation down, and some got away, and we were sentenced to death by the Dwarven king of the Iron hills who frankly would not listen to reason at all.


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