Runkles Rankings


RPG D20  #1Utter Failure: If a review receives natural one on my ranking list it is a stinker of a product. leaving little to nothing of any redeemable worth from the contents within. At a ranking of Natural one, I could not recommend this product as a free download.



D20 2-4Failure: Not much is really changed at this level. If a product is elevated in this slight degree from 2-4 it is just a slightly higher quality of a bad product.



D20 #5Below average:
  Products of this level are just not up to par. There is not much of anything redeemable in these products. From time to time products at this level will be worth a read for one or two inspiring ideas within.  These products are best picked up for free or pay what you want.


D20 #6-9Missed the Mark:
Much like 5 rated products these items are often below average selections. Most often of these products came close to being average but missed the mark in some ways. Often there are only one or two small things that keep this product from average.


D20 #10Average:
There is nothing wrong with this product. And at the same time, there is nothing about this product that makes it stand head and shoulders above any other. This is not a bad rating. But the STANDARD any product you expect to purchase should, at least, meet this level of ranking.



D20 #11-14Above Average: These products are better than average, each steps up the rank list further make these quality purchases better. Anything rated at this level is a good buy and likely has several good reasons why you should add this product to your collection.



D20 #15Well Above Average: Once products reach this level of rating they are sure buys. With scores of this level, they are stand out’s products. Often these products fill niche genre’s and make a good go-to product in most game collections.




D20 #16-19OUTSTANDING! These products are major successes. Any product with a rank of 16-19 is a cut above the rest. These are must-have products. Often products of this level strike a chord with their audience. They are literal page-turners that you find yourself reading from beginning to end.



D20 #20Critical Hit! Nat 20 Stop reading and go buy this book NOW!
  You not only should own this product there is Zero reason why you should not own this product to display proudly. These are the books that leather bound versions are meant to be bound in!


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