Appendix N..The Fiasco.

Well I have gotten my hands on a some of Brave Halfling Publishing Appendix N adventures. The Ruins of Ramat and The Vile Worm. I wont be reviewing this product for the adventure quality. This is mostly a blog to bring some things to light for readers that may have thought about backing this product or have seen it in the stores. As of the writing of this blog At least one Backer of the kickstater claims to have seen these adventures in the store and you can purchase them right now on Yet the backers of the product for the most part have not gotten their products yet !
So as to the quality of the product. The Art.. 2015-04-06 13.03.29Is amazing. Just looking at these maps makes you want to play these games. At least for me everything about that art screams to me old school gaming at its best. And the adventures seem solid. That said it’s the rest of the product that I have issues with. First of all its a shame that the backers have yet to get this product and I have it in my hands. I went halves with my friend that backed this set for two print copies of this project. Thus when he finally got his some time back I remembered one day to grab my copies from him. So I am more of a backer by Proxie. Honestly This kickstater went on so long ago I could have never gotten these products and I imagine I would have forgotten because they were not listed on my kickstater backer page.
Now back to the quality of the project. They came to me shrink wrapped and well sealed. A few points of note as to the packaging. The kickstater said that the Ruins of Ramat adventure would be 16 pages and have 5 cards stock player handouts. I can assure you that is not what I received after opening my shrink wrap. This is all that the product contained. 2015-04-06 13.28.12

That would be the Map/Cover. One card stock handout with 2 images per side and the level 0 adventure the level 3 adventure and the add-on extra.
It would be worth note that the Kickstarter said it would be a 16 page adventure. But I can not ding them harshly here because they instead give you two 12 page mini adventures and a one page add on idea.
2015-04-06 13.04.18Where I would take them to task is the quality of the product once its out of the shrink wrap. 2015-04-06 13.05.06
Get a folder handy because once these books are opened unless you put them in another container they are going to get ruined. The module covers is not antiquity sized enough to protect the contents of the product. Thus even in the time it took to unwrap and take a few photos some dogearing and blunting of pages.  This may have happened from the shrink wrap as well I did not look closely at first.2015-04-06 13.39.09







To wrap this all up, There are no images on any of the internal pages. Once the art for this project was in hand Really all anyone would need to finish project would be a few ream’s of paper and the ink to print it all out! The only place these products have any art is the handouts and covers. Its am shocking to think that with $19,000 dollars and nearly 600 backers are still waiting for a project that was estimated to deliver  in ……


… 2012 July !! 


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