Bundle of Laughs!

It’s been some time since I have thrown up a Bundle of Holding shout out. But this weeks bundle of holding is appropriately  called bundle of laughs! And all of this for barely even a noticeable hit to your wallet. For less than the price of most combo meals you can pick  up a copy of Murphy’s World a humorous techno-fantasy roleplaying  game. CRITICAL! Go Westerly where you take on the role of adventurers doing adventurous things against giant adventurous creatures. Diana: Warrior Princess a game I have never played but this blurb makes it sound amazing ! Imagine our world, seen by someone as remote from us as we are from the ancient Greeks, and with as many gaps in their knowledge. Imagine it converted into a TV series by a production company with the loving attention to historical accuracy we have come to expect from such series. Then imagine the RPG of that series.
ELFS another game that I have not played, You play an elf in a generic fantasy-gaming type world called Nurth. Alas, sometimes prejudices are true: these elfs are cranky, short, self-important, adolescent, cruel, incompetent, greedy, and sarcastic. They are not cute. They are not wise. They call themselves “elfs” and rudely insist anything else is stupid; in fact, they also think anyone else is stupid. “Hey stupid!” they call out, when they see you or me in the streets.

But right now for under $16 bucks you can level up and get some truly classic and awesome additions to this bundle. If you level up  you get these titles to add to your collection!
Kobolds ate my baby! Let just say this is a hugely popular fun game were you are a KOBOLD!
And this always seems to be a great bit of fun. Because after all you’re a Kobold !
You also get Low Life:Ride of the lowly. This is a savage world setting and the best way to describe it is you play the things that evolved from humanity’s leftovers a gazillion years in the future. Oith’s dominant lifeforms evolved from cockroaches, snack cakes, and the dregs that survived the various apocalypses!
You also get  Bob, Lord of Evil is a humorous techno-horror RPG. It may be used as a standalone game, a setting supplement for Murphy’s World . 
And they round out the level up pack with Demon Hunters & Land Of OG Two more games I have not had the pleasure of playing but look pretty interesting. Demon Hunters was created by the creators of The Gamers and The Gamers Dorkness Rising and uses the cortex system of rules.  And Land of Og I imagine is priceless at the table. Here is the idea of this gem !
The players become cavemen in a world full of dinosaurs. When speaking in in-character, players are limited to a 17-word vocabulary, five attributes (Strength, Brains, Speed, Hitting, Health), and five classes (Strong Caveman, Smart Caveman, Fast Caveman, Hitting Caveman, Healthy Caveman). As you rise in experience, you can buy new words.
Oh This might just be something throw up as a con game I run this year. How this game has gone this long and not been run at my table I do not know. And I recall about a  year ago I heard about this and really wanted to get it. Well now is my chance!

If you like any of these remember now is a great opportunity to pick them up. Not only are they cheep but you will be giving to charity! And Hey this is $84 buck in books for the price of a pizza !

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