Star Trek FATE: Starfleet Academy and the Command Structure

Star Trek FATE is a perfect example of the FATE system doing what it does best. In a time when there really is not a good set of rules for a very impressive game genre. FATE flexes its muscles and shows off how much versatility it has.

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If you don’t know where to start, a good place is always the beginning.  The beginning for Star Trek is the Starfleet Academy.  Any non Vulcan or Vulcan/Human character starts the Academy at age 18 (18 skill points) and with a refresh of 3. Vulcans and Vulcan/Humans start the Academy at age 22 (22 skill points) and 5 Refresh.  While most fate games give you free choice as to what skills you can have and where, being in the Academy requires some skills to be at least at +1 (Average):

Minimum requirements to be in Starfleet Academy
These skills are required to be at a minimum of +1:

  • Physique
  • Scholarship
  • Discipline
  • Protocol

There is a link to a blank Cadet Character sheet

The first 2 years of the Academy are used to get players accustomed to the FATE system and understand how different conflicts, both physical and social, are done…

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