Interview – David Brown of Extra-Dimensional Publishing

Great interview with some candid in depth looks at the kickstarter world. And how even a great kick could find issues with distribution even after being a successful project.
Sad news but David has a good number of things we will see him involved with down the road.

Rolling Boxcars

I recently had the opportunity to interview, Game Designer and publisher, David Brown. David is very active within the hobby and his company, eXtra-Dimensional Publishing, publishes some very high-quality products. You can see my other posts related Adventures in the East Mark to learn about the high quality of their products. This interview was spurred on by the cancelation of their Adventures in the East Mark (English) line of products. So, without further ado, I present to you….. David Brown


RB. I know I was sad to learn that the relationship between eXtra-Dimensional (XD) Publishing and its Spanish partners regarding Adventures in the East Mark was ended recently. For those that may not have seen your press release, can you summarize the situation?

DB. Basic summary is that while we succeeded at delivering our physical products to our backers we required additional investment to produce more units available for retail…

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