Gaming on the Cheep Week Two !

This weeks Gaming on the cheep is about cheep cool store finds ! With Halloween just around the corner and Christmas filling up the stores there are tons of cool items on sale for use at your gaming table if your willing to look around !  Most of these can even be found on sale ! So starting off i went to one of my local seasonal stores and poked around a bit. I came up with two nice finds in my search.
First up I picked up a cool back of spiders! like ants and other Giant insects and such are not only hard to find good figures of the right size but you can just simply never have enough of them. Well this year I picked up a decent bag of some of the better looking spiders that I have seen in years for under a buck !
2014-10-09 13.18.15
Now I have to decide if I will take some bases and a bit of Halloween webbing I grabbed for a buck and base them all creepy like ! Leave a comment and ill update you all if there is any interest in seeing how it turns out.

My second sweet grab I picked up for  under a buck as well. This cool treasure map. I figured with a bit of love I can make it look even a bit cooler and make it a nice little prop for the table for a one shot game or something.
2014-10-09 13.18.40

So we grabbed a lighter and went to town .. What’s the worst that I could do ruin it ? It was only 45 cents. So after some playing around with fire and a bit of stomping to put out the flames and give it a bit more character this was the end result. ( Use adult supervision when playing with fire ! that goes for most  of you adults out there as well )
2014-10-09 13.27.53

Lastly I’ll show off a few pieces of terain I made on the cheep years ago when I first started collecting Dwarven Forge. Dwarven Forge is pretty awesome stuff but even the new dwarvenite plastics stuff can run you a pretty penny. Now that said its worth every one of those pennies. But when I first started collecting I decided I needed more tiles. MANY MORE TILES.  So I started looking for more alternatives that would work at the table but I could get cheep and easy. Now years later I probably would have cast this stuff in resin and been done with it. But I found something different and it worked quiet well. And it was a Ton faster then casting Tiles. So with that lead up. Here you go. 2014-10-09 12.57.12
Floor Tiles. Yup that’s right. Simple every day buy them from your hardware store Floor tiles. I found when I first started if I looked around I could pick up sheets for 2-4 dollars for a 12×12 stack of tiles ! Sure they were heavy but with a simple swipe of a pen or a zip of a blade they were even marked for play. And they came in Tons of textures.
2014-10-09 12.58.23
I think the most suppressing part was how well they bunted up against my existing pieces ! So I bought a few feet worth of Tiles and from there I was much more patient about slowing building my collection of Tiles.

2014-10-09 12.59.20

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